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How to get an H-1B visa or "work visa", list of requirements, explanation of the process, how to file an application, expectations for approval, job transfers
Reasons why a visa may be denied, how to appeal a petition for immigration to the USCIS, explanation of the process and recommendations.
How to get a K-1 visa, also known as a "marriage visa", "fiancé visa" and "green card visa." Learn about the form I-130 petition, forms I-765, I-290B and I-751
How to get a family visa, F-1, F-2, F-3, F-4 visa, the process, requirements, expectations, how to file, answers to frequent questions about family immigration
Student Visa requirements (J-1), exchange visitor extensions, how to get a copy of your DSP/IAP-66 form, costs, requirements, waivers
Information about J-1 visa waivers for doctors and physicians, requirements, forms IAP-66, I-612, no objection statements, procedure for immigration and USCIS.
Exchange Student Visa Requirements (J1, Q1), how to get a J1 visa, requirements, process, sponsorship, fees, grades and scholastic needs, financial resources
Instructions how to get a tourist visa or visitor visa (B-1 and B-2 visa), related forms such as DS-156, visa requirements and expectations.
How to get green card for permanent residence in the U.S., requirements, renewals, sponsorship, form I-485, lost or stolen green cards and the INS and USCIS.
A list of the traps and pitfalls of estate planning mistakes, how to avoid them & make sure your heirs receive a maximum return from your estate.