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Learn about what a registered agent is, what they do and when they are required. Learn who can be a registered agent and how to appoint a registered agent..
Determine whether your organization may be tax-exempt under IRS rules. An easy to understand review of IRS 501(c) rules to help you avoid erroneous filing and the waste of time and money.
Explanation of the functions of the board and best practices on how to choose them. Covers both nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations, legal duties, corporate responsibilities and more.
Instructions for the steps to incorporate / create a for-profit corporation. Introduction on formation and walk through the process of choosing an entity type, filing, required formalities and more.
Best practices on how to select a good company name when creating a new corporation including federal trademarks, state databases, domain name issues and registration and more.
Corporations 101 is a basic introduction to corporations, why people incorporate, how to incorporate, how to maintain limited liability and how to file taxes.
The easiest business form to create is the sole proprietorship. It requires no formalities and easy to maintain, but it comes with the risk of unlimited personal liability.
Introduction to corporations and why people incorporate, what is limited liability, what are articles of incorporation and bylaws, how to file taxes.