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A list with detailed explanations of the most common driver errors that result in traffic tickets and auto accidents, as well as how to avoid them.
Parking lot accident liability can fall on a driver, pedestrian or lot owner. An explanation of negligence law, placement of fault and situations where liability occurs.
If you've been injured in an auto accident, you need to know where to file claims: The driver of your vehicle, the other vehicle and insurance company.
Liability and the law for cell phone use while driving, stricter laws regarding teenage drivers, testimony at trial, insurance issues and more.
14 best practice tips that will substantially increase your chances of winning a car accident lawsuit and maximizing the money damages you can receive.
A critical top ten list of steps to take after a car accident. It will help preserve your case if you file a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement for money damages.
Obtaining a "police report” or “incident report” after a car accident is critical to your case. Understand how to obtain these reports and the importance of their contents.
What you need to know about injuries to children in automobile accidents, time limits, statutes of limitations, insurance, filing a case, damages and awards and more.
If you are were in a car or auto accident, this FAQ will explain your responsibilities, money damages and awards you could receive, and defenses if you are sued