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The Law Guide contains articles written by attorneys that answer many popular legal questions concerning over 100 legal topics using language that is easy to understand. Articles described as a "FAQ" contain answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the law. Select a legal category below or use the search button in our navigation to find the law article that is of interest to you.

Can you keep money you have found? How can you find property, stocks or other assets you forgot about ? Information on how to claim them and where to search for your assets.
Information about how a probate court determines how your estate will be distributed if you die without a will - intestacy laws & probate court proceedings.
A list of requirements and instructions on how to create a legal will. How many witnesses you need and who can be used, formalities, authentication and more.
How to make legal changes to your will without having to rewrite the entire will again - how to create a "codicil" to your will, instruction and information.
All you need to know about witness requirements for a valid will. Who and how many witnesses do I need? Must they see me sign my will? Answers to these questions and more.
A comprehensive chart and explanation of the Illinois statute of limitations, the time limits for bringing or facing a lawsuit in an Illinois state court.
Understanding the landlord's "notice to quit" sent to a tenant prior to eviction, how long a tenant has to "cure" defects, time periods required from the landlord and more.
Obtaining a "police report” or “incident report” after a car accident is critical to your case. Understand how to obtain these reports and the importance of their contents.
Successful strategies to challenge foreclosure on your home, governmental assistance programs that can prevent foreclosure, remedies for predatory lending practices.
Who needs labor certification for a work visa? Not everyone is required to be certified and not all applications are guaranteed a visa. Answers to common questions.