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Your legal rights against workplace retaliation - harassment and discrimination by your employer from an investigation due a complaint at work, yours or another employee.
Contact information for Fair Employment Practice Agencies in each state of the United States. FEPAs are state and local agencies that work with the EEOC, which is a federal agency.
Can you be fired from your job because you suffer from the Hepatitis C illness? Know your legal rights, including Americans with Disabilities Acts qualification.
A critical top ten list of steps to take after a car accident. It will help preserve your case if you file a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement for money damages.
Religious discrimination is prohibited in the workplace - do you have a lawsuit? What government acts protect you? What must employers must do to prevent religious discrimination?
Laws protect employees against sexual orientation discrimination. Know your rights as a gay, lesbian or heterosexual person against discrimination in the workplace.
The Equal Pay Act covers wrongful situations where employers do not pay employees the same amount even if the work is exactly the same. Know your legal rights against discrimination.
Best practices for hiring a personal injury lawyers, what it costs, the process of going to court, settlements, how long your case may take and answers to other common questions.
Information about how the probate court divides your property if you don't have a will. Asset distribution laws, surviving spouse, children and heirs, parents and lineage.
Can you keep money you have found? How can you find property, stocks or other assets you forgot about ? Information on how to claim them and where to search for your assets.