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The Law Guide contains articles written by attorneys that answer many popular legal questions concerning over 100 legal topics using language that is easy to understand. Articles described as a "FAQ" contain answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the law. Select a legal category below or use the search button in our navigation to find the law article that is of interest to you.

An understanding of the important parts of the ADA, who is covered, what is covered, which employers are required to comply with the ADA, what they must provide employees.
This article will explain all you need to know if you've been involved in an incident involving domestic violence, including service of restraining orders, court appearances and more.
An explanation of bail and bail hearings and list of requirements things you can do to increase your chances of being released on bail, list of reasons why bail might be denied, and more.
How to create a living will, medical power of attorney & health care proxy to make important medical decisions should you be incapacitated.
Understanding the sentencing process in criminal court, differences between parole and probation, hearings, early releases, community service, revocation of probation.
State law chart for DWI and DUI penalties, whether you can drive if your license is suspended, alternatives to license suspension, ALR suspension and vehicle forfeiture.
State chart of all blood alcohol content/level laws, including implied consent and administrative license revocation where an automatic suspension of your license occurs.
Corporations 101 is a basic introduction to corporations, why people incorporate, how to incorporate, how to maintain limited liability and how to file taxes.
The easiest business form to create is the sole proprietorship. It requires no formalities and easy to maintain, but it comes with the risk of unlimited personal liability.
Understanding business bankruptcy under Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 of Title 11, choosing one over the other, bankruptcy reform and more.