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A list of the most popular ways police officers spot drunk drivers with the naked eye, divided into four major categories of driver errors.
A list of countries where dual citizenship with the United States is possible and not possible.
Answers to drunk driving & DUI/DWI issues. Conviction requirements, right to refuse testing, rights if pulled over / roadblocks, right to a lawyer and general DUI/DWI matters.
How much bail is required after a DUI or DWI arrest and when it is to be paid, what happens if you can't pay the bail (bail bonds), the arraignment process.
Drunk driving liability and damages, responsibilities of bars and clubs and other third parties that serve alcohol, important DUI/DWI facts and information.
Understand divorce filing options - (1) no-fault , (2) fault-based (adultery, etc.) and (3) separation based - state law and grounds for divorce.
Understanding the difference between fault divorce and no fault divorce. A chart of what each state law requires to get a no-fault divorce.
Understand what you need to know to prove an employment discrimination lawsuit, including wrongful hiring and promotion practices at work.
A primer on understanding alimony - an explanation of what it is, why it exists, determine how much you might need to pay and for how long.
Understand what a stroke is, identify warning signs and symptoms and how a failure to diagnose can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.