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    Ny law and deposits for used car with private seller

    I was attempting to sell a car for 16k which the potential buyer agreed to. After test driving he noticed a ticking noise and wanted his mechanic to Look at it before fully committing. Before he came to see it I told him i had just had a transmission put in since the old one was having issues...
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    Car a Total Loss ?

    Accident seemed rather minor but dealer saying $16,000 to fix. Body and Wheel alignment damaged. Saying they will total car and give $13,000. Travelers Insurance. Mechanic friend says not that much damage and can fix for much less - if we buy the car from insurance. Two questions; 1. Car had...
  3. Z

    Towed car not reported to police

    Hello, my car was towed back in October at an apartment complex in Matthews nc. The towing company never reported the car to the police as being towed and I was unable to locate the car until today. Now of course they want 2000 dollars to release the car. Since they never reported it to the...
  4. A

    Private car seller not providing title after receiving payment

    Jurisdiction: Guam, US Territory Aug 5, 2023, I purchased and took possession of a car from a private seller for $10,500. The seller conveyed to me that he is the legal owner of the vehicle, but has not received the title from the dealership. We complete a notarized bill of sale for the said...
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    How Much Can Car Passenger Claim Pain & Suffering

    My girlfriend and her cousin were in a car accident. My girlfriend was driving and has car insurance. Her cousin was the only passenger and does not have health insurance. There were minor to medium injuries to head, neck, and back related to whiplash and jarring from the accident. My questions...
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    Notary public at used car dealership

    Is it unethical for the owner of a used car dealership, who holds a notary commission, to notarize the vehicles he purchases or sells?
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    Getting sue'd for a car accident in mid 2022 - Need advice

    I rear ended someone on a highway when that guy stopped all of a sudden on a highway. This happened in mid to late 2022. At that time the guy said he has no pain or injury. He called police and waited over 2hrs and they didn't show up so I gave him my insurance information and my insurance...
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    Delinquent Co-Borrower: Getting Title To Car to Prevent Further Credit Damage

    I co-borrowed a car with my sister so she could afford a vehicle. She had a history of delinquency with payments and her credit score was wrecked. She was making progress again, so I helped her, thinking that she would persist her change. Since then, she has become delinquent and devolved...
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    Oil change negligence

    I had my oil changed the day before I left to go out of town. Approximately after 2 hours of traveling, my car started smoking. It was determined that the oil cap was not screwed on properly. I had to wait 4.5 hours to have it fixed after being towed to the dealership. The oil company...
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    nonperformance car rental contract

    I used American Airlines AAdvantage reward miles to reserve a rental car from Dollar Rent a Car. I chose a nonrefundable "mystery car" option. At pick-up, I was given an electric vehicle which I refused as I had to make a 1,000 mile drive and had no experience with EVs, no idea where I would...
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    Hit by car on electric longboard

    So long story short I got hit by a driver that wasn't paying attention. I was going through a crosswalk and the driver pulled through the stop sign and into the crosswalk hitting me off my longboard but in the collision his tire rode up onto my longboard and cracked my board and its no longer...
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    Tow truck hit my parked car

    Hoping I can get some answers. My car wouldn't start the other day so I called AAA roadside to have it towed to a mechanic. My car was parked on the drive way. When the tow truck got there it backed up crashed into the car's grill right below the hood. Then as the tow truck driver tried to lower...
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    Buy Car from private owner

    I bought a car from a private person, and after a week the transmission failed, so I returned it to the seller because he said he can repair it and after two months he said the car cannot be repaired and now he doesn't want to give me the car or my money back. During that time I transferred the...
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    Europe car accident

    Folks - this is a very general question. I was talking to an umbrella policy company and asked if they cover auto liability worldwide and they said they do but filing has to be in the US. I asked why a European car accident would have its trial in the US if it's locals there involved and the...
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    Sold car to junk, now they're using same license plate?

    I sold my car to a 'junk', they got a picture of ID of the owner of the car (my dad) and it was under his name as well. I signed that I sold it, and I kept all the license plates. I just got in the mail toll tags from Houston (I'm in Dallas) and pictures of the same car with the same license...
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    Car broken into, towed by city(req. payment tow & impound)

    Hello, My brother lives in Rochester, New York. He was parked LEGALLY and his car was broken into. The alarm was set off in the process and it was towed. He did nothing wrong and is the victim. The towing company and city (which in my ignorant opinion stole his car...) are now requiring him to...
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    price calculated error on car contract

    Car purchased contract has signed on both sides, after paid in full, found the discount on contract was calculated as additional charge, not subtract the sale price. how can I fight back the double paid discount on contract?
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    Car accident property damage?

    Hi all new here! I recently got in my second no fault accident in the last 5 years. I have been having a hard time dealing with the insurance companies at fault. I get the sense that they have tactics they train for and are trying to play a finger pointing game. I do not want this to drag on and...
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    Car dealers padding transport fees issue

    Hi, not naming the dealer chain directly, but all the locations involved below have the same name and are believed to be part of the same main brand/organization: I found an used car at a dealer in TN, the dealer is part of a brand that has many locations in AZ as well, so after getting a few...
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    Citation for Not Registering Vehicle

    I purchased a car a few days ago, and after getting insurance, I took it to the emissions to get it tested. It ended up getting a Fail 2 on Readiness, so I then took it to a mechanic in my area to have it looked at. His reply was to put more mileage on it for about 60-80 miles, then bring it...