Towed car not reported to police

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North Carolina
Hello, my car was towed back in October at an apartment complex in Matthews nc. The towing company never reported the car to the police as being towed and I was unable to locate the car until today. Now of course they want 2000 dollars to release the car. Since they never reported it to the police is there anything I can do to get it back for a reasonable price or possibly for free?. Thanks
I found three sections that might apply but I don't know which one because you have only said where you were towed from, but not why.

The first statute applies to removal of an unauthorized vehicle from a private lot and requires notification to the vehicle owner at time of removal. But there is no requirement to notify the police. Violation is punishable by a fine of $150.

GS_20-219.2.pdf (

The statute refers to contesting the lien. 44A-4:

GS_44A-4.pdf (

Next up is Post-Towing Procedures:

Article_7A.pdf (

You'll have your work cut out for you by looking up all the statutes listed as to what types of towing are not covered by the article.

Last up is Notification of Towing:

Article_7B.pdf (

That one requires notification to the police except for towing from a private lot where signs are posted in accordance with GS 20-219.2(a). You'll have to look that one up.

Here are all of the NC statutes.

General Statute Chapters - North Carolina General Assembly (
Were there signs properly posted in accordance with 20-219.2(a)?

no smaller than 24 inches by 24 inches prominently displayed at all entrances thereto, displaying the current name and current phone number of the towing and storage company

If the signs weren't properly posted you may have a small claims case against the apartments owner for whatever you pay to the towing company.
Primarily the apartments owner whose agent/manager or whoever, ordered the tow without the appropriate signage.

But since the towing company should have known better, I'd be suing both.