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    Wrote a check for a car and dealership never cashed the check

    I applied for a car loan with my CU. I bought a new vehicle from a dealership & wrote a personal check from the funds my CU put in my account for the purchase of a vehicle. Six plus months later, the check has not been cashed from the dealership. I received the title, tags & registration from...
  2. G

    Holding the car as ransom by tow operator (tow for repairs, not impounded)

    My insurance has ordered a tow to move my car from the accident scene to the tow company yard. This was an accident on private property, car hit a tree, nobody injured. The insurance company is taking a long time to send the payment for the tow they ordered and the tow company is keeping my car...
  3. L

    Low first offer on settlement doesn't even cover rental car

    My daughter's car was hit and disabled (nearly totaled with $14K in damages) while she was exiting parking lot at Home Depot by employee who was driving fast entering parking lot and not seeing her in which he confessed. It happened on October 2021 around 8 pm and it was already dark. She had...
  4. K

    My car was towed and the towing company failed to follow the lawful procedure for the paperwork.

    Long story short, the general manager of my apartment complex authorized my car to be towed from our parking structure. As per the source below, the towing company is obligated to provide me a photocopy of the written authorization prior to payment, which they failed to do. However, I did...
  5. C

    Car in two names

    Car is registered in two names -- does that mean both have to sign whatever it is they have to sign to sell the car?
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    Audi dealership service center has had my car 3 months. Any recourse?

    I was driving my ‘19 Audi and it simply died. It was under warranty so I had it towed to the dealer’s service department. They have had it now for 12 weeks and whenever I ask for an update they tell me that they simply can’t get the part (an alternator). I figure enough is enough so I realized...
  7. R

    Used Car Dealer sale - Ronald

    son purchased a used tesla for 30k plus taxes and dmv fees minus a 10k deposit that he had offered and given to reduce the car loan, the transaction was finalized and at signing the sales documents the dealer had added in car prep fees and a bank doc fee totaling an extra 6k. He told them that...
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    Owed 2K on a lease at the end of my term, car got repossessed, now I owe 19K+ when I made payments

    Thank you for contacting BMW Financial Services We have enclosed copies of your Lease Agreement, notice of late payment policy and auction sale breakdown for your review. In review of the account, we determined you were provided documents required by your state regulations. your vehicle was...
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    Person's body dents car

    In the parking lot of a venue a good friend tripped over a landscaping bush, fell into my car, putting a nice dent in the car. My insurance company will repair the damage but they will then go after my friend personally to cover the damages. The damages are about $2000. This was purely an...
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    Mexico Cancun car dealer forced me to buy extra insurance

    we booked our cancun trip rental car from expedia and also bought the insurance that expedia recommended. upon arrival in cancun airport, the car dealership ( Europcar ) staff forced me to purchase their over priced insurance by saying they don't recognize the insurance we purchased. we ended...
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    Buying car and driving in New York, out of state license

    I am from New Jersey. I am looking to buy a car and register it and drive in New York City. I live in both places, although it is my parents home in New Jersey. I will be spending more time in NYC. I was wondering if there is anything I should consider when putting down my address and where to...
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    Enterprise Rental car oil leaked all over my driveway

    State is Tennessee I got a rental car(s) from enterprise after my car was rear ended. the first car I got, the transmission failed 3 days in. the second car a 2022 rav 4 dumped oil all over my driveway. And not just a little bit of oil, literally all of the oil it had. I pride myself...
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    Signed Buyer's Order, do I have to buy the car?

    In Texas, I signed a buyer's order for a used car with a Texas dealer. They signed it as well. After signing it, we could not come to an agreement on the means by which I would pay for the car and they stopped responding to me. I see mixed things online and I just need to know if I am legally...