Used Car Dealer sale - Ronald

son purchased a used tesla for 30k plus taxes and dmv fees minus a 10k deposit that he had offered and given to reduce the car loan, the transaction was finalized and at signing the sales documents the dealer had added in car prep fees and a bank doc fee totaling an extra 6k. He told them that he was only going to pay the agreed 30k price and that he even offered the 10k deposit making the loan 20k After a long back and fourth haggling session with salesman and sales manager they agreed on sale and he selected a loan company that they offered and our family has used for previous car loans.
All the documents were signed and the deposit check written and a dmv pre-registration taped to the windshield. He drove the car home with the folder if signed papers from sale and was very happy with car.
the next day the sales manager texted him and said that the loan company needed an extra 2890.00 deposit to complete the loan, we thought that was odd and contacted the loan company, they said that the loan was actually accepted for him and they were waiting for the dealer to send the documents so they could finish processing the loan plus gave us a reference number for the approved loan, before we ended the call we verified our contact name, address and phone number for the loan so it would be mailed to the correct address as our other loans with them.
Before we could contact the dealer about this the sales manager texted my son again and said that his loan was rejected and they had found a different loan company with a better interest rate and to contact them to resign a new loan agreement He replied to the dealers text and told him that the original loan company had actually approved the loan and was waiting for him ( the dealership ) to mail the documents to start the loan and supplied the loan companies reference number. He didn't hear back from dealer for about a week and the dealer again texted him that they couldn't do the loan because they don't accept p.o.boxes (he never listed a and all documents had a physical address with a suite number),
So son is now stressed and worried that the car is not his and they can back-out of the sales contract and he will lose his deposit .
He has an appointment with the dmv to verify that they have received the same registration documents that we have a copy of from final his final sales document signing along with new paper license plates and that is also taped to his windshield to verify the mailing address for real license plates and registration so they don't get mailed back to the dealer.
Is this a case of fraud and deceit, and does he need a cease and desist letter from an attorney and can dealer repossess or take back car if they don't file loan docs. Thank you.
Is this a case of fraud and deceit

It's business as usual for car dealers. Liars and thieves, all of them.

does he need a cease and desist letter from an attorney

Couldn't hurt.

can dealer repossess or take back car if they don't file loan docs.


Also illegal under the circumstances, but that wouldn't stop them from doing it. And you can bet they won't give the $10,000 back.
Car dealers know how to work their evil magic, watch this!!!!