1. N

    Breaking contract with unlawful employer

    I have a contract with my employer and I want to break the contract. My employer has unlawfully exercised her power As an employer and expected me to work overtime without overtime pay and other things that breaks the law. Is it ok to terminate my contract with her? Please help!!
  2. E

    Down Payment $ Not Taken

    We recently bought a new car (for the first time in 9 years!) from a dealer here in the Bay Area. We put a significant down payment for the car, and financed the balance. We divided the down payment into a credit card payment for $3K - the max they would take on a card - and wrote a personal...
  3. J

    Are color combinations protected by copyright or trademark?

    Hi, Wondering if color combinations, for example the colors that Instagram uses, can they be used on a movie poster without being considered infringement? The logo would not be used. There would be no logo of any kind in and around the use of the colors. The use of the colors would make up a...
  4. P

    Intentional Misrepresentation/Employment Fraud?

    I believe that my case can fulfill the elements of intentional misrepresentation/fraud. I have been trying to get employment lawyers to take my case, but five of them so far declined with no substantive reason given (only that they were overwhelmed with cases). Maybe I am supposed to focus on...
  5. W

    Unlawful Detainer with Phoney Plaintiff

    It is a long story but here is the meat of my question. My friend is on the defendant end of an "Unlawful Detainer". The Plaintiff is XYZ.LP which I believe is a limited partnership. We believe this to be a fictional company as the California Secretary of State Office has no record of them...
  6. M

    Civil codes

    How can i easily find exact civil code numbers relating to specific issues. I have a strong case unfortunitly i have to represent myself and i want to be prepared where in court i can say exact sections of code
  7. D

    Relative contesting a trust

    What form do i use to give to the judge if I need to ask for more time
  8. B

    Cannot leave a month-to-month lease?

    I'm seeking legal advice regarding a situation involving my niece's living arrangements in Los Angeles. Currently, she shares an apartment on a month-to-month lease with two roommates. She intends to move out and has duly provided a 30-day notice to the apartment complex. However, they are...
  9. T

    What Happened To The Money?

    I never received a 2021 federal government-issued stimulus check that I qualified for. In late 2022 I requested, under penalty of perjury, a trace on the check with the IRS. The IRS determined that "payment" was "approved" by a financial institution. The IRS also provided me with a photocopy of...
  10. T

    How does small claims court enforce its own orders

    When a small claims court judge issues an injunction, and a party violates the injunction, what is the enforcement procedure?
  11. M

    Duties wrt extraneous billing with distressed / possibly incapacitated client?

    Is there a law in California that states that an attorney must take into consideration the mental and or psychological state of their client? An attorney is suing me for unpaid fees. I’m not a novice as far as hiring attorneys goes and know that this firm definitely overcharged me for the work...
  12. Berna Chew

    Mom died in Ca and i live in philippines. Do i have a right to claim?

    Good day, my name is Berna. I live in the Philippines. My mothers name is Bless, she lived in Victorville CA. She worked as a clinical dietician at St Mary's Medical Center. She became US citizen, But unfortunately my mom died a year ago from Pancreatic Cancer. Since im the only child, i was so...
  13. Axel Slingerland

    Companies Deleting Software

    Hello, I don't know if I am posting this in the proper forum, but it's about what a business is legally allowed to do so this seems like it might fit here. If not, I apologize. This is just to settle a debate on another forum. No laws have been broken that I'm aware of... So I need assistance...
  14. J

    My wife is trying to remove spousal support, by accusing me of abuse.

    I have a court date set for child support we came back from mediation agreeing to 50-50 she is now attaching new declarations to this court date accusing me of being abusive. Our children use an older device that they take between households. I was charging the devise one day and noticed her...
  15. D

    Can I do a medical exam in California for an accident happened in New Jersey

    I was hit by an electric bike in 2021 in New Jersey. Now I am living in California. I am suing the bike rider who hit me and caused my ankle fracture. I had several surgeries to treat my ankle and still have a lot of hardware in my ankle. Now, the defense (the attorney for the bike rider) side...
  16. P

    Is it Ethical to Continue Representing Blatant Trustee Wrong-doer?

    My legal team is completely dumbfounded as to why Trustee continues to shell out Estate funds to attorneys to cover-up the fact that she originated an expensive swing-loan on Trust assets to purchase her home. Her house of cards will be collapsing and, perhaps she doesn't know she'll be...
  17. I

    Witness Wants Driver's Details

    Hi there. Thank you in advance for your help and guidance. This is the first time it's happened to me, so I'm a little lost on how to proceed. I was rear-ended by a car and I have a witness (I'm assuming the witness's car was behind the car that rear-ended me). I exchanged contact information...
  18. S

    Condo water leak liability concern

    Scenario: water leak in one condo unit did minimal damage to the ceiling and another condo unit. Owner of the unit that had the leak offers to fix the ceiling damage of the other unit. Question: does this action of Goodwill effectively imply guilt for any future claims the owner of the other...
  19. L

    Health Emergency -Wrongful Death

    My father had a massive heart attack (cause of death) while driving and ended up crossing over the road and having a head on collision where the other driver ended up passing weeks later because of injuries. There were no known heart conditions or Drs warnings of driving etc. My mother is now...
  20. P

    Is Legal Counsel Mandatory for Beneficiary Acquiring House in Trust?

    I was beneficiary of my mother’s Trust which had an amendment that stated that any one of her children would have the opportunity to acquire the house. When she passed, the Trustee retained an attorney (who turned out to be crooked - I am in litigation to this day, almost 9 years later)...