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  • Stupidity is the only universal capital crime the sentence is death. There is no appeal. Execution is carried out swiftly without pity!
    "When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him. " Jonathan Swift
    Kim Jong Un is angered, agitated, and exasperated. Former president Reagan used our economic power to topple the USSR peacefully.
    Who knows the answer-If a contractor give a written estamate to a customer and the the customer takes it and writes up his own using my buisiness name address is that legal?
    Im not sure what happened or exactly how to use this forum completely, I just see my thread states it has been closed and I cant post anything else with it. I came here to thank you though. Your replies have been great!
    Hello Army Judge,

    A company posted blatant lies to defame me on this online forum. My lawyer told me to just remove my post, since he thinks that in a way I provoked them.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. They posted blatant lies and I can prove them wrong. So, is it really a good idea to just walk away? If I can prove them lying, wouldn't that help me in court to get them to pay up?

    I think my lawyer is just trying to solve the matter with as little legal fees as possible. I.e. resolve it without going to court. So I guess it's not a bad idea to just delete the posts for now. I can always keep a copy that I can show later in court, if we do go to court.

    Let me know what you think. Thank you very much Army Judge.
    Ok so here is the predicament my fiancee and I are in. We let a friend of ours borrow on of our cars while theirs was getting fixed. Well his wife wrecked it, and then ran so a police report was never filed. We have liability only so even if we wanted insurance couldn't cover the repairs. The damage is worth $5,900 and they said they were only going to pay us $2,800 for it. It is a 2001 Toyota Tacoma with only 85,000 miles on it. With the money they are willing to give me the only vehicles I will be able to buy are worth a lot less and are probably not going to last us as long. We are both in the Marine Corps and he is getting ready to deploy so paying us back that money should not be a problem because of the extra money he will be receiving but he refuses. I was just wondering if I had a case for small claims to recieve the full value of the repairs for my vehicle.
    Q's- 1) They say I owe +/-10k, but my orig paperwork shows <3k - what am I actually liable for? 2) I googled the lawyer & found him in a gen law directory, but no other info. Would that indicate he's a prob a bill coll & not workg 4 the CC comp? 3) Am I req to attend court for this event? & what would I need to bring or be prep'd with? 4) What personal assets; house, car, bank accts, income, ret accts, or pers possessions are subject to levy against? 5) If i rec a judgement against me, would that show on a criminal rec &/or credit rpt? I've never had an issue like this, & due 2 pers. difficulties in 2003, I incurred some financial troubles. I now live in TX & have worked hard to reinstate my financial independ. I realize this is a debt I am resp. for, or at least a portion -since it has been inflated so badly.. but I can't afford the monies they want!! can u help -- lost in texas!!
    Army Judge I just rcvd ad notices from 3 diff lawyers saying a civil suit was filed by a CC Comp citing a case#. I pulled the doc # & it was listed in the county court sys. The bill was last pd in 2003 when I resided in a diff state, with a bal of about 3k left. I had tried to pay but they were rude & refused partial pymts & cxld the acct. Nothing has come in the mail, -it was only filed last wk according to the rec's. Q-s to follow.... lost in TX
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