Car dealers padding transport fees issue


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not naming the dealer chain directly, but all the locations involved below have the same name and are believed to be part of the same main brand/organization:

I found an used car at a dealer in TN, the dealer is part of a brand that has many locations in AZ as well, so after getting a few estimates from shipping agencies (around $700 average) I decided to call the AZ location closest to me to see if they can get the car sent over at their location, as I thought it's be easier to sign purchase docs in person and let them do the logistics.

1st location I call sends me a purchase offer with shipping at around $2200! thought it was a mistake since salesperson mentioned $0.50 per mile but then I'm told that manager said so, and that's it.
I decide to call some more:
2nd location $1300
3rd and 4th want $1800 for shipping. supposedly 100% of the money would go to the shipping brokers and they would not pocket any of it, but I find it very unlikely and suspect there is a deceptive practice embedded in the brand itself.

I thought that numbers like these for a company this size could mean tens of millions of dollars, I am not sure what could be done to bring this to light and get it addressed (class action maybe? what other options are there?)