price calculated error on car contract

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Car purchased contract has signed on both sides, after paid in full, found the discount on contract was calculated as additional charge, not subtract the sale price. how can I fight back the double paid discount on contract?
What happened when you called or visited the dealer and pointed out the error and asked that it be corrected?

You've done that, right?
I recently encountered a frustrating situation with a car purchase contract. After paying in full, I realized that the discount mentioned was actually calculated as an additional charge, leading to double payment. This is definitely not what I signed up for. I'm currently exploring my options and seeking advice on how to rectify this issue and get the double paid discount rightfully corrected. Has anyone else faced a similar situation? Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. - Talha
It's generally considered poor manners to hijack someone else's thread, but in this case, the answer is exactly the same. TALK to the seller to clear this up.
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