Car broken into, towed by city(req. payment tow & impound)

Joshua Veator

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New York

My brother lives in Rochester, New York. He was parked LEGALLY and his car was broken into. The alarm was set off in the process and it was towed. He did nothing wrong and is the victim. The towing company and city (which in my ignorant opinion stole his car...) are now requiring him to pay both towing and impound fees. This can't be right, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

~ Joshua P. Veator
in my ignorant opinion stole his car

Ignorant is right. Nobody stole his car. The only person who did him wrong was the person who broke into the car.

What happened next has to do with laws that allow the city to remove "nuisance" vehicles from the street. I'm sure somebody from the city will be happy to refer him to those laws.

He can argue right and wrong until the cows come home but the longer he huffs and puffs, the bigger the fees until they sell the car at auction to pay the fees.

I suggest he just pay them and get his car back ASAP.

Then file a claim with his insurance company if he has comprehensive coverage.