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The Law Guide contains articles written by attorneys that answer many popular legal questions concerning over 100 legal topics using language that is easy to understand. Articles described as a "FAQ" contain answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the law. Select a legal category below or use the search button in our navigation to find the law article that is of interest to you.

An explanation of legal defenses to child abuse charges, including false allegations, a parent's right to discipline, accidental injuries, divorce and other issues.
Explanation of the crime of bribery and sentencing guidelines. Bribery is an offer or receipt of value which influences a public official or employee in their duties.
Learn about what a registered agent is, what they do and when they are required. Learn who can be a registered agent and how to appoint a registered agent..
Understand what penalties are for assault and battery crimes and how sentencing is determined, including the affect of past crimes and aggravating factors.
If you received an auto recall letter but having problems getting the work done properly or for free, you should take these steps to remedy your problem.
Drug trafficking and distribution offenses are felony crimes. State and federal law will typically apply and the penalties for a conviction can be severe.
A current U.S. non-Immigration and temporary visa list, with descriptions, so you can easily find different visas for which you may qualify.
Do you have a legal duty to help or rescue someone else in danger? Do you have a duty to control your children? When are immune from being sued if you help?
Open container laws vary by state and can affect both passenger and the driver. Learn about drinking driving, parked, transporting containers and empty cans and bottles.
It is important to be able to identify and understand the information that appears on a traffic ticket so that you can prepare an effective defense.