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Is biking while intoxicated a DUI or DWI offense? This article covers the differences in state law and treatment of riding a bicycle while drunk.
Open container laws vary by state and can affect both passenger and the driver. Learn about drinking driving, parked, transporting containers and empty cans and bottles.
Answers to drunk driving & DUI/DWI issues. Conviction requirements, right to refuse testing, rights if pulled over / roadblocks, right to a lawyer and general DUI/DWI matters.
Drunk driving liability and damages, responsibilities of bars and clubs and other third parties that serve alcohol, important DUI/DWI facts and information.
State law chart for DWI and DUI penalties, whether you can drive if your license is suspended, alternatives to license suspension, ALR suspension and vehicle forfeiture.
What is the difference between DUI and DWI laws? What are zero tolerance laws? An explanation and state law chart for DUI and DWI laws, including blood alcohol content levels.