1. L

    Living in Texas, can one use equity in rental properties as downpayment for primary residence?

    I currently have a real estate portfolio, job and am working remotely. As such, I rented out as well what had previously been my primary residence. As i have been in and out of the country I've stayed with family when in the country. Now I am planning to be back state side longer term and am...
  2. R

    nonperformance car rental contract

    I used American Airlines AAdvantage reward miles to reserve a rental car from Dollar Rent a Car. I chose a nonrefundable "mystery car" option. At pick-up, I was given an electric vehicle which I refused as I had to make a 1,000 mile drive and had no experience with EVs, no idea where I would...
  3. C

    Rental Assistance Program 'contract' issue

    A rental assistance program that normally requires a 12 month lease gave a client the OK on a voucher for flexibility of lease options, including at minimum month to month. There is an email from a case worker to the client stating this. Yesterday, the client was approved for a single room...
  4. R

    Unlawful Eviction Alleged Unlawful Eviction and Contract Breach in a Commercial Rental Scenario

    Hello, esteemed members of the legal community, I am writing to request your insights and guidance concerning a complex situation involving a commercial rental unit that we have been leasing. Our arrangement is through a landlord, who in turn is leasing the premises from a college. The...
  5. Accurac

    Rental property issue

    Hello sorry for the vague title. To explain my issue, the couple we were renting the trailer from were still on a rent to own agreement with the trailer court. They have since decided to give up the property back to the trailer court. They are facing a lawsuit from the trailer court for damages...
  6. B

    Quiet Enjoyment Rental Company cannot control its tennants

    Currently our neighbors are college kids that are renting a house. We have filed noise complains, parking violations, drug use complaints, and now a harassment complain all with video/picture proof and a police incident report. The rental company has issued them notices, but refuses to evict...
  7. L

    Low first offer on settlement doesn't even cover rental car

    My daughter's car was hit and disabled (nearly totaled with $14K in damages) while she was exiting parking lot at Home Depot by employee who was driving fast entering parking lot and not seeing her in which he confessed. It happened on October 2021 around 8 pm and it was already dark. She had...
  8. S

    Unlawful Eviction Commercial rental unit eviction dispute in NH

    Hello, I thought it would be wise to post my situation on some forums for advice before I confront my landlord about it. My landlord entered my commercial unit with no grounds for an emergency (as well as a few other tenants in my section of the mill building). We all got notices of eviction...
  9. M

    Free Rental Agreement Document

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know where I can download a 100% free Rental Agreement Document. Thanks in advance!
  10. G

    Enterprise Rental car oil leaked all over my driveway

    State is Tennessee I got a rental car(s) from enterprise after my car was rear ended. the first car I got, the transmission failed 3 days in. the second car a 2022 rav 4 dumped oil all over my driveway. And not just a little bit of oil, literally all of the oil it had. I pride myself...
  11. B

    Rental car

    I would like to know if I have any thing I can do, I have a Kia Optima that's under a engine recall and the dealer doesn't have a loaner car available and Kia says they would pay for a rental car but but my financial situation won't let me rent from a legitimate company, so I have a friend that...
  12. J

    rental charge

    I rented an apartment for a couple months now. the landlord rents out washers and dryers to tenants at a charge of $50 per month each. approximately one month ago i reported to my building office that the washer was not working. They promised to come out to fix it. They have not come out...
  13. A

    Will Uninsured motorist cover rental beyond the 30 day coverage?

    Husband was hit by uninsured motorist who was ruled 100% at fault. We have comprehensive, collision, uninsured and rental car coverage. Somewhat minor damage resulting in under $4000 estimate, so got the rental, but body shop didn't finish car until after 42 days. Husband called Allstate and...
  14. M

    How long can I keep a rental car, car totaled, other party at fault

    Got rear-ended, car is totaled, other party is at fault. Got an offer for my totaled car, it's low, was told they would re-estimate. I was provided a rental at no cost, but they want it returned Monday. They are refusing to extend the rental. I haven't received a check for my car yet. Plan...
  15. G

    Partnership for rental income

    My husband and 2 siblings inherited farm land in Iowa. We established a Partnership (with the help of a Lawyer in Iowa) so that we could then set up a formal Lease between the Partnership and the Farmer who maintains and farms the land. The lease set up requires him to pay us Rent twice per year...
  16. L

    Intrusive Renovations

    Hello, I currently live in a 4 bedroom apartment in Wisconsin with 3 other roommates. On September 27 we all received a letter informing us that our unit will undergo construction to tear out the carpet and place new hardwood floors. This will take place from August 1 - 6 and we move out on the...
  17. Zigner

    Evict room rental tenant...before June 30th?

    Fair enough.
  18. S

    Just signed a lease but want to cancel it

    I just signed a lease on an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I paid a broker fee, security deposit, 1st month's rent, and last month's rent. I have not moved into the apartment as yet. I would like to cancel the lease. None of the utilities have been switched over, my address has not...
  19. H

    Mobile Home Rental Space

    My brother and sister-in-law have their "owned" mobile home in a resort/park, where they rent the space it sits on. They purchased another home in the park, and her sister is buying the home they are moving out of. The sister purchasing their house has been told she must pay to have a concrete...
  20. T

    Rental Property Split / Owned before Marriage

    For rough numbers... Sam Bought house in 1995 for 150,000. Sam Married Joan in 2000. Value of house at that time is $175,000. They both lived in house a few years until buying another and renting this one. Not sure this matters. Current value of house is $450,000. Sam wants to keep it. Current...