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Intrusive Renovations

Discussion in 'Living in, Use of the Premises' started by Liv R, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. Liv R

    Liv R Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I currently live in a 4 bedroom apartment in Wisconsin with 3 other roommates. On September 27 we all received a letter informing us that our unit will undergo construction to tear out the carpet and place new hardwood floors. This will take place from August 1 - 6 and we move out on the 15th. The letter (and confirmed by the incompetent property manager) stated that we are to move ALL personal belongings (4 roommates) into the bathroom and kitchen and move the furniture (which isn't ours, they provided) to the BALCONY. Then over the course of 6 days, the construction crew will tear out the carpets and put in hardwood floors in our bedrooms. During that time we are to sleep on our mattresses (4 roommates in a small college apartment) on the floor of our living room. We are trying to fight this, but our landlord is threatening eviction if we don't comply. They are seriously incompetent and cited a literal blog post from 2014. This apartment company has also entered our apartment without notice, had the construction crew move our personal belongings without notice, and left a huge mess of dust (to which I had an allergic reaction). I documented all of this and didn't receive a response because the manager "didn't have access" to the email I had emailed them to before. We are 4 broke college kids. 3 of us work from home and can't have our carpets taken out at 8 am. We also can't all sleep on the living room floor for at least 3 days (the landlord doesn't know what she is talking about so she is unable to give us specific days). (In the past the apartment didn't have working heat for over 40 days in the middle of the winter and I sent them pics of the snow in my room and the glass of frozen water on my windowsill and they told me it's my responsibility to seal my windows).

    Any advice/help is welcome! I'm fighting this because I know there are college freshman in the other units who don't know that they can fight. I'm tired of these huge apartment companies increasing rent to stay competitive with university housing at the expense of their own tenants.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You don't have to do as suggested.
    You are free to secure hotel rooms, couch surf, or even go camping.

    Yet all of you chose to accept the disrespect and abuse, all the while paying your hard earned dollars to live under the harsh rule of a fascist property manager and company.

    Your university housing office or dean of students might be able to offer you the professional guidance and assistance that you desperately seek.

    If you university is big enough, you might even be able to avail yourselves of student legal aid.
  3. zddoodah

    zddoodah Well-Known Member

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    September 27 of what year?

    As in move out permanently?

    Also, did your landlord really give you notice in September 2020 of intended renovations that wouldn't occur until August 2021?

    Fight it how?

    Well...if you're moving out anyway on August 15, does it really matter? It's not like the landlord could get you evicted that quickly.

    Well...seems to me you had 10 months' notice to get ready for this, so.... That said once you respond with some clarification, I may have additional comments.
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