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    Can I say that you can't enter my business if you have more than a certain amount of money?

    My business is going to be a commune type place and there will be a one time fee for membership there. Can I say that you can't enter my business if you have more than a certain amount of money?
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    Intrusive Renovations

    Hello, I currently live in a 4 bedroom apartment in Wisconsin with 3 other roommates. On September 27 we all received a letter informing us that our unit will undergo construction to tear out the carpet and place new hardwood floors. This will take place from August 1 - 6 and we move out on the...
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    My ex GF will not leave my house. Threatens I need to I will be in trouble if I touch her belongings

    -Texas -Fathers House. In his name. I live in it. Ex Gf also. -No lease with her name on signature on it. -She pays no bills here. -She does receive mail here now. In Jan 2020, my gf at the time was forced to move out of now ex-husbands house. She told me she had nowhere to go so I lended her a...
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    Can I turn in landlord and get money for utilities i paid?

    was supposed to move in to an apartment on 12/14/20. I was also going to work for them. I paid sec dep/1st mo rent. Was emailed copy of receipt. Have emails confirming the move in date. The electric and other bills being hooked up in my name on that date and additional correspondences from...
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    Follow up inspection

    We got some complaints that our porch was smelling due to our new dog going to the bathroom out there. We always clean up after her immediately unless it’s at night when we’re asleep, then we clean it up as soon as we wake up. Some smell still lingered so they suggested puppy pads and we’ve...
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    Repairs, Maintenance Do we need to pay for water damage that is the result of the landlord's neglect?

    My wife and I have been renting from a landlord for over a year, and on Memorial Day weekend this year (May 25-27), we were out of town, at a family member's house. The air conditioning unit backed up, and flooded most of the living room floor (linoleum wood panels), ruining the floor. After the...
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    Senior Living early room clean out on verbal agreement

    My dad was living in a senior community in Hoffman Estates IL. It was an annual lease, and because he was becoming less independent, we moved him out early to stay with me in California. I fully expected to pay 3 mo additional rent to finish out the lease and let my brother in law cleaning out...
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    My mother is being evicted, will this go on my record if so, will i be able to remove it?

    I'm 19 years old, i live with my parents and they are being evicted because they decided not to pay a service fee to the association we rent from. They paid rent when it was due, but not the service fee so now the association sent someone to our door with an eviction court date. I'm very...