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My mother is being evicted, will this go on my record if so, will i be able to remove it?

Discussion in 'Eviction, Recovery of Premises' started by Bob Roy, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Bob Roy

    Bob Roy Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I'm 19 years old, i live with my parents and they are being evicted because they decided not to pay a service fee to the association we rent from. They paid rent when it was due, but not the service fee so now the association sent someone to our door with an eviction court date. I'm very nervous because so far everywhere I've read every person 18 or older will have an eviction on their credit report and public record if they've took it to court and they did.

    I'm only 19, I don't even have a credit yet, and I was not even aware my parents were not paying this service fee. I am extremely scared. I don't know how to go about this. I don't want to get punished for my parents lack of responsibility. I'm aware once an eviction is on your record it is reported to the credit and it becomes hard to rent, and even find employment. I feel like this is all happening so fast and i am being punished for a mistake i was not even aware of.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. Betty3

    Betty3 Super Moderator

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    If your parents' names were the only ones on the lease (signed the lease) & have to go to court, you should not be affected. Were you a minor when you all moved in?
  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Your only inconvenience will be your forced move, assuming the unit was rented in the manes of mom and pop alone.

    Here's a thought, why not pay the fee for them?
    That way, no one will be forced to move.

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