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    Can the sheriff still evict you by your eviction move out date by the court date to leave the proper

    Can the sheriff still evict you by your eviction move out date by the court date to leave the property what happen if you appeal the writ of possession and default judgement and full case at commonwealth court level and they didn't get notified by the court or the landlord agency manger...
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    Motion and chancery court questions

    I had someone take money from me, I got a judgment but instead of paying they ran. It took a while but I found the property they owned and placed a lien on it. Tried to foreclose but they filed bankruptcy but it was dismissed by the court because they didn't pick a plan. I lost my lawyer who...
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    How does small claims court enforce its own orders

    When a small claims court judge issues an injunction, and a party violates the injunction, what is the enforcement procedure?
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    Whom to summon when suing in Florida small claims court (landlord/tenant)?

    The landlord made claims against the security deposit which are greatly exaggerated and amount to several thousand dollars. We have a lot of evidence in terms of photographs, videos, etc, and feel good about taking our case to small claims. We know accuracy when filling out process papers is...
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    Slandered in Court Resulting in Harassment Order

    I had to start a new thread, because I couldn't comment on the other thread, which I created, because I "have insufficient privileges to comment here"? What does that mean? So I can no longer comment on a thread which I created? This makes no sense. What do "privileges" mean? I also want to...
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    Civil Court Win With No Payout

    I won a case and the appeal a decade ago and was getting payments monthly. The payments were for a very small sum with the overall owed to me was very large. The payments stopped 5 years ago and they have not made a dent in what I'm owed. What is my course of action to get this payout?
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    Court order vs. Mandated

    Just to inform you all, I'm in school for forensic psychology and am writing up a post on informed consent. The article I'm using to help me states, "...The APA Ethics code 3.10(c) specifies that psychologists must obtain informed consent and that when services are court ordered or otherwise...
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    Suing UPS in Small Claims Court

    I shipped a rifle barrel, just the barrel, to a licensed FFL/Gunsmith for some work. I shipped it through UPS and paid for insurance. I was informed by the recipient that UPS delivered the box, damaged with a big hole torn in the side, and the barrel was not in there. The website did not have...
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    Data Hacked - Court dismisses claim

    Our company gmail (Gsuite) account was accessed by a person without our authorization and certain emails were accessed and downloaded to use as evidences and presented to the courts by this person. When an email is downloaded in gmail you can find the email address and the date it was downloaded...
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    Other Criminal Charges & Offenses Restitution During Appeal, License Suspension, and Criminal Contempt of Court

    Summary: It's a relatively long story but I will do my best to shorten it down. Everything in this post is a matter of public record. In 2019 my Wife started an affair with a coworker while working over-the-road construction. We separated in April of 2020 when the work season started and she...
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    Got pulled over for the 1st time going 101 MPH in a 70 MPH on a FL highway, summoned to court

    I know, its my fault I'm going to call the courthouse on Monday to schedule it, and I'm going to ask if there is anything else I could do (take classes, etc.) I was going that speed, and I just want this to be as easy as possible. Should I hire a ticket attorney? They say they have a good...
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    Custody before a Court Order

    My son's father and I recently split up. I left him due to his issues with alcohol. We were never married, but we have lived together for about two and a half years. Brief history of issues: The issues with alcohol are longstanding (predate me meeting him), but I didn't realize how bad they...
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    The Court is respectfully denying the relief sought as a matter of law

    Dear forum members, today I received this from the court regarding my MSJ: "The Court is respectfully denying the relief sought as a matter of law. The parties are asked to confer on an order for submission to the Court through the order portal in CourtMap for review and consideration." Could...
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    Probate court and wills

    I would like some general information on how to go about this situation. My parents passed away about 1.5 years ago and left 2 homes split between 6 children. Three children per home. The whole process has been taken over by the eldest of the family. How long does a generally take for the...
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    How to properly serve UPS in small claims court

    I sent an item by ups and they damaged it. It was fully insured. they denied my claim. I am trying to sue in small claims court to recover the damages. I'm confused about who i am supposed to sue.. I am sending a demand letter to the entity that owns the 3rd party UPS store that i bought the...
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    Plaintiff attorney filed response to court without client consent

    First forum questions posted here, thanks in advance your comments. My attorney avoided my calls for 2 days before our response to the defense (motion to dismiss) was due. i was concerned and then it turned out worse than i expected. The attorney intentionally submitted the response without...
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    May have made an error in my small claims court case what can i do?

    Well long story short i bought a car tried to return it because it had problems, they refused. I went to small claims, and they responded, tried to fight it but i won. But it was my first time claiming and i think i've made a big mistake, on the claim i put the name i had on the receipt. But...
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    Small claims court assistance

    I am about to file a small claims case, but I am not 100% sure I have all the info and what I should call it. I sold my house and paid the estimated taxes on it from the prior year. The contract stated if there was any difference the buyer/seller agree to adjust any differences between...
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    Executor will not communicate, Estate delinquent with Court

    This is in regards to my mother's estate. The Executor has dropped off the face of the earth it seems and will not communicate with heirs. The court has levied fines because required documents and costs have not been paid and also, in about a month, a $2,600 Bond premium will be due. This...
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    Court Won't Respond

    My father is incarcerated, and has made a request to the court, but they haven't responded. He's since learned that they have to respond within 56 days. That time period has passed, yet he still hasn't heard from them. What can he do?