1. K

    Paid for surgery, changed my mind, was told funds can be used in future, worried they won’t honor it

    My wife had already paid for an elective surgery. She has decided she does not want to go through with it at this time. Since she changed her mind too close to the procedure they will only refund half minus the deposit. She was told over email by the receptionist that she can use the amount...
  2. S

    Citibank false advertising credit card offer

    I need to make a big purchase and wanted to do it on a new credit card with 0% interest. So I went to credit karma and Citibank is offering 0% for 21 months. i applied for the card but after getting approved, the offer was actually for 12 months per the citibank credit card portal. So it is...
  3. R

    Credit Cards, Rating, Repair Credit Debt and Collection

    I have a question please regarding credit card debt in New Jersey. I am in the initial stages of filing for divorce in Ocean County, NJ. I recently accessed my credit report and found credit cards on my report, that I never applied for or ever made any purchase on. I'm positive these cards...
  4. D

    Delinquent Co-Borrower: Getting Title To Car to Prevent Further Credit Damage

    I co-borrowed a car with my sister so she could afford a vehicle. She had a history of delinquency with payments and her credit score was wrecked. She was making progress again, so I helped her, thinking that she would persist her change. Since then, she has become delinquent and devolved...
  5. B

    Starting a Business Existing Cannabis Business Preventing Credit Card Processor Approval for New Business Ventures

    Hello! I am in need of some advise. We currently own and run a well known online cannabis seed bank, nutrient, and grow light company, and as many know, this required a "High Risk" credit card processor that carries some hefty fees(no big deal, we understand why). The problem is, we are looking...
  6. M

    Credit Card Default

    I defaulted on a credit card and I need to respond to the following Complaint: Statement of Damages Complaint: Plaintiff, Name Hidden Plaintiff (NHP), complaining of the Defendant, Name Hidden Defendant (NHD), hereby alleges as follows: 1. Plaintiff is a Limited Liability Company...
  7. J

    Credit report

    My credit report has duplicate entries for the same debt from the original creditor and a collection agency. The original states pertinent information including the date of last payment the agency does not. Is the date the from the original creditor valid with regard to the SOL?
  8. X

    Making a Lease Turned down from housing based on credit file

    Should I file a discrimination complaint to see why the managers company turned me down? I did email the company to see why this happened. I applied a few years ago to the complex down south. I was on their list and was on wait list for a few years till I removed myself. This year I applied...
  9. J

    credit card debt, file bankrupcy, own home

    Single person with extremely high credit card debt, a vehicle loan, and mortgage. Unsteady work making things very difficult - could never get out from under it. Most brought on by bad divorce. Should this person file for personal bankruptcy, what happens in regards to her home?
  10. A

    Credit repair posting my information online.

    So I got out of the military about 7 years ago. When I got out I was focused on my mental health and my credit went south. So last year a cretic company promised me they could increase my total scores by an accumulation of 100 point. They didn’t so I canceled for a refund as they said. They...
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    Credit card dispute lead merchant threaten me on theft

    I placed bids on a Saint Laurent YSL shoulder bag and a Louis Vuitton hand bag at a local consignment store's online auction recently and after picking up the bags, I checked the details of the bags and realized they are counterfeits. The store's online terms saying they don't authenticate any...
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    Owner has a case of amnesia and do liens influence credit score

    Bit of an interesting situation, I'll try to sort it out as simply as possible. A.-Idaho, assuming second owner, vehicle is a 1985 model and info I can gather has activity in 1987) B.-Wisconsin (name on title as seller, titled in 1992. searched VIN in WI and it did not show as active. Spoke...
  13. T

    Credit card debt collection after 10 years

    I was contacted today by a "debt mitigation" company regarding a Providian CC account we last paid on in 2012. The rep told me something about the contract including a tolling option that extends the SOL by 15 years. I have not been able to find anything saying the SOL could be extended by...
  14. A

    Credit card balance inquiry

    Is it legal to call the number on a credit card to check the balance if the card is not yours and you are not an authorized user, you were just told by the card holder that you could use the card?
  15. T

    Credit Card Debt Question

    Hello, hopefully my question is not confusing. Heck I might already know the answer but figured I would ask for advice. My girlfriend is in a situation where her ex boyfriend recently passed away. While they were together which was years ago she allowed him to use her credit card to make a down...
  16. P

    Recent Credit Card Lawsuit

    I live in the state of PA and I was sued by a Midland Credit (VS store card) in August of 2021. I have been out of work and the judgement was place against me. I received a letter in the mail I have to go to go a deposition for available assets which I do not own anything. I will be starting a...
  17. D

    Garnishment Credit Union Seized 1st Stimulus - Options?

    My 1st stimulus was sent to an open & frozen credit union account, which is frozen due to a delinquent personal loan. My loan officer spoke to their lawyer and said that they could keep it and apply it to my debt. My understanding is that they can use "right of offset" to legally seize anything...
  18. L

    Breech of contract, falsified credit app.

    What up my Legal eagles!? got served a breech of contract lawsuit. I bought a used car and got it financed thru a company, dealer falsified my financial information on Credit app and i have a copy, they did not submit this in their documents to the court. Pretty sure that will get me a...
  19. K

    Credit Rating

    I have a bad rating for collections against my credit report. I called the collection agency and they told me it was for a cable box that I didn’t return back in 2015! I explained the situation to the agency whereas I returned the box to an outside deposit box the cable company...
  20. G

    Credit Cards, Rating, Repair Dispute with bank caused mortgage co to ding credit

    I have a few houses with a mortgage company called Sierra. Sierra failed to inform me that they changed the name of the company that would be drafting my mortgages. When I didn't recognize the company taking money out of my account for the last 6 months I reported fraud at my bank. My bank...