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I have a bad rating for collections against my credit report. I called the collection agency and they told me it was for a cable box that I didn't return back in 2015!

I explained the situation to the agency whereas I returned the box to an outside deposit box the cable company. However, it doesn't provide a receipt when using this drop off.

I then called the cable company and explained the same situation. They also said I have an old phone modem that I didn't return. I told the agent that there is two boxes downstairs screwed to my ceiling that I called about when I originally returned all the equipment. I was told those are no longer used and I didn't need to return them.

I told her they are still there and if she wants to send out a service guy, they can have them. Otherwise I am not going to take them down and return them.

Since they are attached to my property, are they legally mine? How do I dispute the property being returned without a receipt?
Since they are attached to my property, are they legally mine?

I think you KNOW the answer to your question.

How do I dispute the property being returned without a receipt?

It is your word against the cable company's word.

The cable company's word will take precedence over yours as long as you have no proof that you returned the items.

You can file a written dispute with the three major credit bureaus regarding the instant incident.

This is where you file a dispute for Equifax:

File a Dispute on Your Equifax Credit Report | Equifax®

This is where you file a dispute for Experian:

How to Dispute Credit Report Information

This is where you file a dispute for TransUnion:

Dispute Credit Report: How to Dispute | TransUnion
I'm not stating that this is your answer and the following is not legal advice. But if what you say is purportedly true, this is what I might do if I was in your situation - and I mean all of it being true, not just some of it or the problem will not be solved. If a debt is already sold, I'm not sure whether the following will help at all. It's a long time after the dispute so take this for what it's worth and be very careful of what you write.

I'd ask the cable company for a statement in writing (may never happen) or to get information placed in a record confirming your statements along with a transaction record that they should be able to give you from a major cable company. You may be able to get an operator identification number or first name at the very least. Make sure you confirm a full release of all the items that were, at least according to the collection company, supposed to have been returned.

Contact the credit / collections agent and dispute, in writing, that you have a valid debt in the manner they have stated you can provide, e.g. fax, email. Include the record from the cable company and date of conversation along with the operator identification, if possible. Make sure that you have a release from them. And you'll have to follow up with the credit reporting agency the same thing.