Credit report


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My credit report has duplicate entries for the same debt from the original creditor and a collection agency. The original states pertinent information including the date of last payment the agency does not. Is the date the from the original creditor valid with regard to the SOL?
I think, but am not at all sure, that you're asking whether the date you mentioned is the date when the statute of limitations began to run. The answer to that question is no. A statute of limitations begins to run on the date on which the cause of action accrues. In the case of credit card debt, the cause of action with the longest SOL is breach of written contract (4 years). A cause of action "accrues" when all elements of the cause of action exist. In the case of credit card debt, that's typically the date on which a payment was due but was not made.
Zddoodah is correct. Nothing on the credit report matters for the SOL. Transfer of a debt to a collection agency also doesn't affect it. It's as he describes.