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So I got out of the military about 7 years ago. When I got out I was focused on my mental health and my credit went south. So last year a cretic company promised me they could increase my total scores by an accumulation of 100 point. They didn't so I canceled for a refund as they said. They ended up canceling it and not giving me the refund. I left a google review based on that experience and the company left a reply as to how much debt they removed off ky profile and slammed me for having poor credit on a Google review. My review wasn't insulting, it was fair and true. They have posted similar replies to everyone who's left a negative review. Talking about how much debt they have, slamming them, and telling the public all this information. Do I have. A case here or is there nothing I can do except delete my review or let it stay up?


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Do I have.

Only you can determine if you're aggrieved enough to file a lawsuit.

However, any such determination doesn't mean you'll prevail with a lawsuit.

is there nothing I can do except delete my review or let it stay up?

Again, you'll need to make the determination to "let it go", or "ruffle the feathers" of your alleged tormentors.

Frankly, I've learned that if you don't start anything, you'll never be coerced into a squabble.

However, only YOU can do YOU!!!
Do I have. A case here

I doubt it.

is there nothing I can do except delete my review or let it stay up?

Not legal adivice, but I'd leave the review up and hope that others leave their reviews up.

The reality is that it's not likely to hurt you and if everybody leaves those review up it may result in a big loss of business for the credit company.

Your review will eventually sink to the bottom as more reviews are posted.