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  1. Editorial Pro Bono: My MTA Select Bus Service Fare Evasion Case

    Riding the confusing New York MTA Select Bus Service can easily result in wrongful $100 fare evasion summonses being issued. Here is why I'm taking this case pro bono.
  2. Editorial How Are Law Firms in India Ethical in their Legal Practise?

    India is home to a number of established and rising law firms, including some who have expanded globally by opening offices in international cities like Dubai, Singapore, and London.
  3. Editorial Remembers Mayor Ed Koch

    Ed Koch, former New York City mayor, attorney, People's Court judge and celebrity spokesperson for died at the age of 88. The passion he had for New York City was worn on his sleeve....
  4. Editorial Court Ordered Child Abduction - A True Story

    An account of one of the most disturbing grandparent child abduction cases that occurred as a result of a colossal failure of the justice system in two states.