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  1. Columns Possibilities and Potentials of Foreign Direct Investments

    From the year 2005 there is the scope of Foreign Direct Investment India in the real estate sector. For the reason there was a massive growth in the genre. There was the promise of the high...
  2. Columns White Collar Crime: Do The Harsh Sentences Fit The Crime?

    The term for cybercrime and similar non-violent charges is “white collar” which refers to criminal charges that can range from internet fraud, possession and distribution of copyright materials.
  3. Columns Is Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana a DUI?

    Many don't realize that driving under the influence of marijuana is a DUI, even if possession is legal. THC levels may not be necessary for a conviction.
  4. Columns Domain Name Pre-Registration Process Exposed

    The confusing, incomprehensible "pre-registration" process for new top level domains such as .NYC, .ESQ, .ADS and .SHOP are explained and the fine print is exposed. The prices, rules and refund...
  5. Columns Secure Your Firm's Website, Server, Wordpress

    Recently a Russian hacker group reported the theft of 1.2 billion email addresses. Last week the popular Wordpress website and content management software was discovered to have a significant...
  6. Columns Monkey Selfie in Wikipedia Copyright Dispute

    Wikipedia has refused to remove the self-portrait taken by an Indonesian monkey using the camera of professional photographer, David Slater. The Wikimedia Foundation believes that the adorable...
  7. Columns Injury Lawyer’s Outrageous Super Bowl Ad: Fact or Fiction

    Easily the most memorable ad of Super Bowl XLVIII was the absurd, entertaining, action packed 2 minute commercial for a personal injury lawyer. Remarkably, this outrageous farce was a bona fide...
  8. Columns Copyright Office Mangles DMCA Service Provider Agent Directory

    The U.S. Copyright Office has deliberately mangled legal business names in the DMCA service provider agent directory in a manner that must be seen to be believed. The following is an explanation...