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  1. Decisions Jury Finds Google's Android Lawful Fair Use of Java API

    A jury in U.S. District Court in San Francisco concluded unanimously that Google made lawful "fair use" of Oracle's Java API in its Android operating system and is not liable for copyright...
  2. Decisions Calorie Free "Zero" Trademark Decision Results in Answers and Questions

    The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) ruled that Coca-Cola could register it's "zero" brand of calorie free soft drinks but had no exclusive right to its use.
  3. Decisions Marijuana Use May Get You Fired Even Where Legalized

    In Colorado, where marijuana use may be lawful, the court upheld the termination of an employee based upon federal law and a "zero tolerance" drug policy.
  4. Decisions Teen Denied Support in Lawsuit Against Her Parents

    An 18 year old girl left home and sued her parents for school tuition, child support and the legal expenses for suing her parents. Earlier this week, a New Jersey judge ruled against her emergency...
  5. Decisions Judge Decides Boy is Too Rich for Jail After DUI Manslaughter

    A Texas judge sentenced a teen to no jail time - despite being convicted of DUI manslaughter and responsible for the death of four people - as a result of the boy being too spoiled by his rich...
  6. Decisions Court Finds Texting A Driver Could Result In Legal Liability

    A New Jersey appellate court found that a person who sends text messages to a person known to be driving could face legal liability under a limited duty.