1. C

    I required a vehicle from my father passing and it has a lien. If I keep it can I get in trouble?

    My father passed away and he had two vehicles in the titles had liens on them from the bank. Can I get in trouble if I keep them or sell them
  2. O

    Consumer Law, Warranties Got an oil change at Walmart. Two hour later the engine failed.

    Title basically says it all. Was pressed for time and I knew the only place in town that could get me in and out within a reasonable amount of time was going to be Walmart. Normally I do my own maintenance, but due to a family emergency I had to just take it somewhere. Well, the service ticket...
  3. J

    Limited Power of Attorney for Eligible Motor Vehicle Transactions

    Hi, Can someone help me understand what kind of power I'm giving to someone if I provide them with Limited Power of Attorney for Eligible Motor Vehicle Transactions? I recently sold a car and incorrectly signed the Title when transferring the vehicle. So the new owner was not able to register...
  4. D

    privilege to operate a motor vehicle

    Does the phrase "privilege to operate a motor vehicle" have any meaning apart from it being associated with some driver license or permit? The phrase shows up in many jurisdictions but seems to really mean permission for a non-resident driver to use the roads in a state without getting that...
  5. J

    Citation for Not Registering Vehicle

    I purchased a car a few days ago, and after getting insurance, I took it to the emissions to get it tested. It ended up getting a Fail 2 on Readiness, so I then took it to a mechanic in my area to have it looked at. His reply was to put more mileage on it for about 60-80 miles, then bring it...
  6. R

    Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI Innocent owner of vehicle caught up in a DUI case

    Hello, I ran into the situation where a so called "friend" was driving my vehicle while under the influence, which led to him getting a DUI in my vehicle. The law enforcement impounded my plates which forces me to get new special registration plates no matter what, which is most likely going to...
  7. S

    Found out the vehicle I paid off has another lien

    I went to the tax collectors office to obtain a title for a car I want to donate or give to a junkyard. When I gave them my lien release paperwork from the bank I paid the loan for the car to the tax collector told me there is a lien on the car from a totally different company. (An auto...
  8. E

    Transfer Auto Title or Sale of Vehicle - Intended inheritance (no will)

    Hello, My father recently passed away (resident of PA) and is survived by my stepmother. I live in NJ. Though, this was not stated in any document such as a will, he told my stepmother he wanted me to inherit his sportscar, make/model not important for this discussion. The vehicle is titled in...
  9. Joel Saint

    Seller won't reimburse vehicle shipping charge.

    Hey. Thanks in advance for reading. Okay let paint the picture. I am in Nebraska and I purchased a vehicle out of state from a man in Maine. The purchase price agreed upon was $18,000. He began to set up the shipping of the vehicle and the initial quote he was given was $1750. Therefore, the...
  10. J

    Is quick claim deed best vehicle to transfer real estate ownership

    The Lord sadly took my wife of 54 years home with him last year.She was sole owner of a small home and after the will and probate it is now in my name. I want to turn around and get it in one of our sons name. is the quick claim deed the quickest, cheapest, easiest way to handle legally? Can...
  11. M

    Can a mechanic take possession of your vehicle if it’s been on their lot for several months?

    My story is, I dropped my car off with a local body repair guy that I know fairly well. He works out of his home and works on several other vehicles besides my own. He is independent and although this is his main income, he doesn’t do this out of a dedicated shop but out of his personal garage...
  12. C

    Baby Mama holds car hostage with TPO

    Ok... So I'll try to ask this question as simply as possible after a little back story. My child's mother (baby mama) has been doing her best to get me in trouble and make me look bad for a child custody battle. I was arrested in September of 2021 for domestic violence and took a plea deal. In...