Found out the vehicle I paid off has another lien


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I went to the tax collectors office to obtain a title for a car I want to donate or give to a junkyard. When I gave them my lien release paperwork from the bank I paid the loan for the car to the tax collector told me there is a lien on the car from a totally different company. (An auto dealership) I have never heard of that company and have had no business with that company whatsoever. I paid the loan off from the bank I financed through probably 5 years ago. I received the lien release paperwork from the bank and my dealer. I just never received the title and never had a need for it until now. What should I do to get my title?
You can contact the lienholder and the dealer but if it was me, I would just find a slightly shady junk yard that will take it for free. They'll know how to disappear it.