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    Florida-Receiving monthly charges without being informed.

    Hi. I hope you are doing well! I would appreciate some legal advice guidance regarding being a tenant where I received monthly charges without being informed. I'm in a month to month apartment lease since September 2022 paying a flat rate of 1,912 per month. I have paperwork from Spring 2022...
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    Consumer Fraud irs pin

    hello sir, madam, Why a foreign company ask for my irs pin thank you for your time
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    Lawyer trying to raise fee at last minute

    Hey Everyone, I am trying to help a friend here....really. So a friend had a slip and fall resulting in an horrific leg break and two more surgeries not related to that. It was the result of a building code violation. The attorney has had the case for over a year and it is nearing the...
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    Whom to summon when suing in Florida small claims court (landlord/tenant)?

    The landlord made claims against the security deposit which are greatly exaggerated and amount to several thousand dollars. We have a lot of evidence in terms of photographs, videos, etc, and feel good about taking our case to small claims. We know accuracy when filling out process papers is...
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    Roofer Lien

    Had a new roof installed which has never been completed as there are several outstanding issues regarding workmanship and state/county construction codes. The roofers showed up late on the first day and tried to make up for time by rushing and tearing off the entire roof despite it raining...
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    Amazon wrong item issue

    I ordered four computer processors from Amazon in July '23, shipped by Amazon but sold from a third party. The third party sent Amazon cell phone camera protectors which is what Amazon shipped to me. Initially, Amazon CS acknowledged this and told me to return these and re-order so I ordered...
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    Can you be denied unemployment after working 20 years for a company and being fired due to made-up employee harassment charges because they wanted to get rid of you?
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    Bad Flooring Installation

    I posted a short and long version below. Short version I had my floors done in March 2019. Issues right from the beginning, that dragged on for 4 years with the installer attempting to make repairs for the first 2 to 3 years. They are now refusing to make repairs. I have called a dozen...
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    Buy Car from private owner

    I bought a car from a private person, and after a week the transmission failed, so I returned it to the seller because he said he can repair it and after two months he said the car cannot be repaired and now he doesn't want to give me the car or my money back. During that time I transferred the...
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    Other Criminal Charges & Offenses Question on FL audio recording law with in-home camera

    Hi, I have a special needs child that receives therapy in my home. The area where the therapy is given is an upstairs loft / den and has multiple cameras all in plain site (2 in recessed light fixtures and one resting on a coffee table). The therapist has also been made aware there are multiple...
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    faulty product

    I filed a claim against a corporation, though they have not been served yet. I did not include supporting documents in my file. Can this be mended? This is a civil claim of $15,000 for damages done by their faulty product/service.
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    What else can be done

    One of my coworkers was terminated for fighting off his boss after being Attacked. There was a security camera that recorded the event. The worker was arrested and fired without his employer viewing the video. The worker was acquitted at trial after the video and other evidence was viewed. The...
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    Can third party involvement void a contract?

    If I sign a contract with a business who used a third party to do the initial client screening, can I cancel the contract based on that? Or does it only matter that I signed with the actual business being represented, regardless of who was actually doing the representing and advertising? Would...
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    Question on law, new port richey florida

    if I'm riding my bike in Florida down a sidewalk abiding by all street signs and stop signs, not making any stops or going in anyplace, and an officer stops me, and I don't ID myself and they arrest me can they be sued? the issue i had was 1-2-3 years ago just curious if it happens again if i...
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    Florida Old medical bills and HIPAA question

    Hello... I received 2 letters from a 3rd party billing and recovery company stating that we owe them money from lab work for 2 occasions, Nov 2018 and April 2021. I called them and asked them to provide the detailed invoices for these bills. Here is what they are for. * In Nov 2018 I had a...
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    Hit and Run Resulting in Terrible Service from Geico

    I went to a restaurant on 1/23/23 to grab something to drink and use the restroom. I returned to my car, started it, put it in drive and stayed on the brake as I was looking at my phone trying to select which song to drive off to when a reckless driver came speeding through the parking lot...
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    Switched co-signor and owner

    I purchased a new car from Maus Nissan in Florida. I had a co-signor. The dealership told us in the state of Florida they had to put the co-signor first on the paperwork . We let them know about six times it was to be tiltled to me, it was my car and she was just the cosignor. They lied it is...
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    Got pulled over for the 1st time going 101 MPH in a 70 MPH on a FL highway, summoned to court

    I know, its my fault I'm going to call the courthouse on Monday to schedule it, and I'm going to ask if there is anything else I could do (take classes, etc.) I was going that speed, and I just want this to be as easy as possible. Should I hire a ticket attorney? They say they have a good...
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    Bonus Paid - NDA to Follow? Am I safe to Resign?

    I feel stuck, and I’m not sure if I’ve reached a point where I should contact an attorney regarding my annual performance bonus. In Feb this year, I received a job offer from a new employer. Knowing that my current company was planning on paying out my annual performance bonus in March, my...
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    Probate with Homestead Property

    This issue is regarding a probate case located in Florida, so I hope that someone familiar with Florida law can provide some clarification. The decedent died intestate in Florida, and there are multiple beneficiaries located out of state, with the personal representative also being one of the...