Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI Innocent owner of vehicle caught up in a DUI case


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I ran into the situation where a so called "friend" was driving my vehicle while under the influence, which led to him getting a DUI in my vehicle. The law enforcement impounded my plates which forces me to get new special registration plates no matter what, which is most likely going to mess with my insurance and job. I have already applied for administrative review and it got denied due to the violator not having a valid license at the time of the incident...which I had no knowledge of. I've finally taken this to district court in order to fight the initial review that was denied. Opened a case already, but they require me to provide proof of service that I will be fighting their initial ruling. I don't even know how to begin doing that. I've got about 8 more days to get this thing started or it might be too late. Hopefully someone can help me here.
Unfortunately, AFAIK, no one here is from Minnesota, and I doubt anyone here will have any knowledge of the applicable local procedures and rules. You're going to need to retain the services of a local attorney.

Needless to say, don't ever loan your car to someone whose license status you haven't verified. Not only will this sort of thing happen, but it might negate your insurance coverage in the event of an accident.