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    Parole, Probation Are my husbands rights being violated by her parole officer?

    My husband has been on parole for 4 years and he has 1 more year left. He has excellent conduct, no drugs, no alcohol, and has worked since the first month he came out jail. He just recently got a new parole officer woman who now wants to restric his working hours. This is going to affect our...
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    I want to get emancipated and I'm 16.

    I know some people don't think it's a good idea, but there is no way I can live with my mom at this time she has now room for me. I live with my father currently, but I can't handle that much longer I get screamed at all the time, his girlfriend tries to fight me, and I just feel like a terrible...
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft caught at work

    i was sat down today with the store director and they found 2 empty bottles that were in my area with no paid stickers the total cost was 2.00 will they press charges on me or fire me? i did admit they were mine im a good kid i dont remember if i paid for them or not because i go thru about 3 a...
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    Student loans debt and bankruptcy

    Can I discharge my student loans in bankruptcy? I went to college for the American dream and it has turned to ashes. Now I have huge loans and no job. At least this would give me a fresh start.
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    cps case on non custodial parent?

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: California I have sole physical and legal custody of my 4 year old son and his dad has visits every other weekend. His actual visitations are hit and miss. Sometimes he won't see him for a month sometimes he will take him 3...
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    Car dealer says as is but hides bad parts

    I bought a car from a used cars dealer outside of Chicago. He told me that the car was in perfect condition and that the engine and the transmission were just serviced and that they were found to be in perfect condition. Because he told me he could give me a special price on the car, I bought...
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    Burglary, Arson, Home Invasion Burglary with intent

    What's the maximum sentence for burglary with intent to assault
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    He owes me money. We are at the 2nd amendment faze. How long can this go on before I get money?
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    Hospital bill responsibility

    In Florida, when a person dies, is the widow or other family member responsible to pay for a hospital bill for the deceased?Thank you
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    child support midification

    I just received a new job that pays all more than my last job can the mother of my children legally raise the amount I pay a month.?
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    I work as Security guard at a shipping warehouse, in this post there is forklift drivers loading and unloading trailers about a month ago a forklift driver almost ran me over or better yet almost crushed me to death while i was sitting in my Security chair.He purpously drove the forklift in...
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    Military clause- does it protect after lease is over?

    Uh, thanks? I would think the spirit of the clause (to prevent military members from undue expense bc the govt changed its mind) would factor in somehow - or at least that argument could be made- the orders changed- which direction should be immaterial if the intent of the addition is to...
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    My soon to be husband want to adopt son with bio father not on birth certificate

    stepparent adoption laws vary by state. In her case, I don't think you will need the biofather to give up his rights. He has abandoned his son. When this is the case The judge can rule that he doesnt even need to be notified. I would suggest you have a consultation with a family law lawyer.
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Caught Shoplifting in Florida

    I got caught stealing and I was in a diversion program before. What will,happened to me if this is my second time. I had my record cleaned I believe as well a few yrs back. And does not show when I look up my records
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    SOL for Homeowners

    We have lived in our home since July, 2006 and have parked my commercial work truck in the driveway, even though there is a restriction stating no commercial vehicles, they have never made a complaint until August, 2013. Is there a SOL for bringing a violation after all these years? They...