Parole, Probation Are my husbands rights being violated by her parole officer?


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My husband has been on parole for 4 years and he has 1 more year left. He has excellent conduct, no drugs, no alcohol, and has worked since the first month he came out jail. He just recently got a new parole officer woman who now wants to restric his working hours. This is going to affect our family lifestyle, we will loose everything because we depend greatly on his job, and mines. He travels often because he works in a moving company and their hours are not steady. (The company is across the street from the parole office) He travels out of state. Other parole who know my husband don't understand which is this woman issue with my husband. They say she should feel lucky she has somenone that don't give problems. We even went to Puerto Rico on vacations for 19 days no problem. But this woman is being cruel, and hard headed for no reason whatsoever.

My husband tried talking to her but it was useless, she even threaten him to lock him up because it was easier for her to deal with the situation. He brought her a letter from work, pay stubs and paid fees. She said she didn't care just like that. And just like that I have to become homeless? I would like to know if this woman is abusing of her power?
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