cps case on non custodial parent?

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My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: California

I have sole physical and legal custody of my 4 year old son and his dad has visits every other weekend. His actual visitations are hit and miss. Sometimes he won't see him for a month sometimes he will take him 3 weekends in a month. I have always been able to work with him and we have not had any further contact with court since initial custody stuff 3 years ago. He has a now 3 year old son with his current girlfriend whom he resides with. He doesn't pay child support because he can't afoord to support the 3 of them as it is. They have a lot of problems in relationship and they fight a lot. All of us are recovering drug addicts. I have 3 years clean and sober and their status is unknown to me. I am certain my ex is not currently using as we have regular contact.The girlfriend is a lot of drama and me and my current husband have had a lot of problems dealing with her. She is however really good to my son which I why I have never haad a problem with her being around him. Anyways last week she was driving with their 3 yr old son and hits car, she fled the scene and proceeded to hit 5 more cars. She was arrested for felony hit and run, driving on suspended licence and felony child endangerment. The 3 year old was released to my ex at the hospital and she went into custody on 100,000 dollar bond. She was bailed out and returned home. My ex said that caps came to the house to talk to them and they will have a "thirty day open shut case?" She is still in court proceedings facing jail time. I don't know what to believe. Yesterday when I got off work there was a business card from caps worker asking me to
call her asap left on my door. My ex only told me the story about what happened with his girlfriend after I told him about caps card left yesterday. Anyway my questions are

How likely is it he is being truthful about an open shut case on their end??

Does their case with their son also include my son??
Should I stop visitation until things get resolved??

And finally my current husband does not want any involvement with caps whatsoever. We also have a 1 year old together and from being in fellowship with other recovering addicts we have seen the destruction and manipulation caused by them first hand. Both of us also have really bad criminal backgrounds and have lost the protection of the 4th amendment. So should I call them back and what info should I give them if any??

Thank you
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