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Family Law, Divorce & Children

Law covering family matters including premarital issues, engagement, marriage, name change, divorce, separation, children, child support and custody, alimony, domestic violence, restraining orders, child neglect, abuse and juvenile crime.

  1. Children & Juvenile Law

    Legal matters concerning children: Child support and child custody, visitation, adoption, child neglect and abuse, paternity, DNA tests, emancipation and adoption.
  2. Divorce, Separation & Annulment

    The process of terminating a marriage, annulments, legal separation that may be required prior to a divorce decree, alimony and spousal support, division of property and mediation.
  3. Other Family Law Issues

    Legal issues arising from engagements and living together, how to legally formalize a marriage, name changes, guardianship and disability, Elder Law and also domestic violence and restraining orders.