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I work as Security guard at a shipping warehouse, in this post there is forklift drivers loading and unloading trailers about a month ago a forklift driver almost ran me over or better yet almost crushed me to death while i was sitting in my Security chair.He purpously drove the forklift in front of me and parked it inches away from me to intiminate me and he was not discipline for that action. However things are still agressive with this person that yesturday at work i was walking by him as i passed him he started to call me names and accusing me of me burping or yealling at his face,wich i did not do and clearly the survallence cameras caught everything. He also said to me that i better watch my back cause he's goung to get me back. Also the forklift incident was caught by the cameras as well wivh was saved by my post cimander. What can i do to keep my job at this post and have this forklift driver removed from his job cause he's a liability for the company he works for.
There is nothing whatsoever that you can do that will force the employer to fire him. Who gets disciplined and for what is entirely up to the employer and not to you.

Unless you work in HR and have access to his personnel file you don't know whether he was disciplined or not - you only know that he was not fired or suspended. Which is not required.

And what you have posted does not constitute defamation.
Agree; unless your employer decides to take some action, there really isn't much you can do. Sorry.
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