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    How long are verbal agreement good for?

    You might be able to enforce the contracts but you should do so soon. Be aware of the issues concerning the "statue of frauds" (you can do a search here) since these seem to be contracts that are able to be performed within one year. Contracts that cannot be performed in one year generally...
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    Mini Tort

    Did you speak to the clerk of the court? There are also sometimes publications that might be online regarding these common occurrences in small claims court. Some states and counties have caught on that it really helps with administration to simply post this information and prevent the dozens of...
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    No license/what to do?

    Why don't you find out if you can get the ticket dropped if you fix the light? I had this happen in another county in NY and once the police confirmed the lights were fixed I was somehow able to have the ticket dismissed by the police as having the problem remedied. I think the same thing occurs...
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    VA Resident Speeding 84 in 55 in NJ. Q: Points Xfer? Recommendations?

    As you are aware of the "compact" which is the agreement between states to report moving violations between states, those states are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa...
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    Unsigned trafric ticket

    No, it doesn't. This question is asked frequently.
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    speeding tkt

    It's the state and you should know when your last offense was. If you don't, then you should go to the local DMV and find out from them although you should have kept some record or receipt.
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    Parking Gate Liability Question

    The challenge I see in your case is assuming that the mechanical arm would allow two cars to leave with one press of the button. I don't know who the clerk is but if he works in the building you might be able to hold his employer liable for the damages. I might not have tried to squeeze through...
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    7 year old ticket comes back

    You should present proof of payment. I wouldn't worry about the date just yet but showing that payment was made is proof that the JP's records are wrong... assuming that the money order was made out to the correct party. Why can't the post office tell you that info? You can request an...
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    error on ticket in nc?

    ROFL. That's great. Very true.
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    repo on a car

    This is perhaps the most common story -- cosigning or guaranteeing a loan and the primary defaults. When a friend asks you to do this, you have to ask yourself why they need you in the first place. In a close second comes lease/rental agreements between roomates.
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    Judge says I have!

    Don't know your county or state. Impossible to tell. That's not a great deal of speed difference and you might want to fight the accuracy of the ticket as well.
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    Police Jurisdiction

    Just because an officer is officially part of a certain district, my understanding is that they have police power within the state. That is the absolute line of demarcation. But counties... that is one taht will likely vary and you'll have to look it up.
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    Due Process on Traffic Tickets?

    In many areas in Jersey it helps to bring an attorney when you have a group of offenses. Why were the hearings delayed so many times? Typically there is a limit and then you need to apply in person for delays on the respondent's side. That's strange. Regarding the court date, there is no out --...
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    got a ticket for something that wasn't wrong with my vehicle

    I would fight it. I have almost always had tickets reduced. Everyone has a zero tolerance policy. Nobody ever changes the contracts they send out. Yeah, yeah, yeah... go for it. Would be interested in hearing how it goes.
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    Seatbelt ticket

    Did you speak to your insurance company? They can confirm or deny the truth of all the rumors. I think it may affect your insurance as it is a moving violation although many believe it's a minor warning or infraction. This is probably within the discretion of the insurance company and not a...