Mental Health Thread #3 - Any vacations planned?

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It could be since you are in California. Those fires are unbelieveable!
We get fires every year, so we get used to the smoke and the fire. The fire crews passing through are good for business (hotels, restaurants, fuel, supplies/food), but some years are worse than others. The smoke from that one and a couple of others closer to home are causing a lot of sore eyes and breathing issues. Ugh.

One of my sons will be working on a CalFire crew next summer because the pay is much better than what he can get as a lifeguard, and the new medical insurance rules (the Affordable Care Act) are forcing the city to cut his hours way back to avoid having to pay for insurance, so he will get too little working for the city. The other who also works as a lifeguard will be looking for another couple of part time jobs (if he can find them that will work with their respective schedules) for the same reason.
I guess the fire crews passing through are good for business.

I just feel so sorry for the people who lose their homes. Also, I worry about the fire fighters.
It's a sad fact of life out here ... and for some who live in the path of these fires. I know several people who have nearly lost homes in the past, and couple who HAVE lost their homes.

Fortunately, no one I know has actually lost their life in a fire ... so far.
Has everyone noticed how it is getting dark earlier & earlier!

That really snuck up on me this week it was full-on summer and light until after 9 p.m. and it seemed like just a few days later it was getting dark by 8 p.m. and the leaves had started falling. Our weather is beautiful right now, but there's definitely a fall-ish feeling in the air. I love a nice sunny September day where the temps are in high 60's but the breeze has that little hint of fall in it. Our whole long weekend was like that and it was great.
I like fall ok but I don't care much at all for winter.
We had an outside company come here for training. The 1st day one lady wore a skirt so short that when she sat down, part of her cheeks were showing(so I heard, thank goodness I didn't have to see that.) The next day her skirt was down to the floor. So I guess you could say her average skirt length was appropriate.
Whoa! Even when I was younger, I had to have my skirts & dresses length below my knees. I just didn't feel comfortable otherwise.
I am appalled when I remember how short I used to wear my dresses back in my late teens. I know it was the fashion back in the early 70's, and I had the figure for it back then, but when I think about the contortions it took just to get out of a car in dresses that short and stay at least semi-decent, I cringe.

The dress I bought for my high school graduation in 1973 was short to begin with but then I hemmed it up another six inches so it barely covered my fanny. It was a good thing I was wearing it under a graduation gown, otherwise everybody at the ceremony could have told you what color underwear I had on that night! :blush
Intermittent FMLA sucks. What were they thinking? Obviously whoever voted this in has never tried to run a business.
Sometimes, for various reasons, I can see where intermittent FMLA can be a real hassle.
Well you can't fire the person, but you never know when they will be here and somehow the work has to get done. And please dear Lord don't anyone tell me to hire a temp.
Ok, I will not tell you to hire a temp. Even though you need to have 50 employees or more for FMLA to apply, you can still have a problem with the work getting done when you never know if someone will be there or not. (last min. call offs are always bad)
Yea we have the 50 employees but with a 4 person office, I only have one title clerk. To make it worse I recently lost the person who was at least partly cross-trained. Silly woman thought she had to go with her husband when he decided to change jobs to another town.
Geez, why would she want to go with her husband to another town! :)

FMLA is a good thing if an employee needs it - helps protect his/her job but it can work a hardship on the employer & other employees.
I'm dealing with an FMLA situation right now too.... Our group of companies is large enough to be eligible but each location is small. So one person being out inconsistently (both block and intermittent) stinks. We're not big enough to get any kind of software to help with the tracking, so it's just a nuisance. Plus honestly I haven't found it understood or appreciated by many employees (lower level especially). Instead they see any paperwork or questions as burdensome and nosey by the employer (rather than by the law/govt agencies).
And at the same time as this intermittent leave, I had another on maternity leave. At least that one I was able to hire a pretty decent temp.
I had to take a muscle relaxer last night so this morning it was really hard to wake up. Not a good day for both coffee pots in the building to be broken.
So much fun when you tell people "All" and "no exceptions" and you immediately get "what about this and what about that?"

ALL means ALL.
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