Mental Health Thread #3 - Any vacations planned?

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It's the 5th inning & Detroit is leading 2-0 over Oakland - we'll know before long who Red Sox play.
Anyone else on the forum have a team still not eliminated from post season play?
I've been watching football. It's week 6 in the season and the Giants are already eliminated from post season play!

Oh my! :(

Back to baseball - St. Louis/Los Angeles; Boston/Detroit. In 2011 the Cards didn't even win their division (did this year) & went on to win the W.S.
I am blissfully unaware of anything that's going on in baseball, football, soccer, hockey, or any other sports going on in the world at this time! :)
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay - Cards/Dodgers game finally over in 13 innings & Cards win 3-2 on hit by Carlos Beltran!! :)
Yep, Cards & Boston both play today.
Now aren't you happy that this game didn't happen on a school night? :) Epic game 1...

Yep, glad it wasn't a school night or work night :) - though being retired has it's advantages.
Cards win again 1-0 over Dodgers. I'm sure glad that one run held up. Go Cards. It's now off to L.A. for us. cbg, I will root for Boston to beat Detroit tonight at Fenway Park. If (I mean when) the Cards & Red Sox meet in the W.S., then we will each root for our own teams.
Yep - there's still more games to play.
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