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  • I'm sure you know I'm just debating an issue... not just arguing for the sake of arguing with you ;)
    I run in to these landlord/tenant disputes all the time too. Debating it and finding out the end results (hopefully) help to sort out future issues.
    I. for one, would not touch this situation with a ten mile pole if the owner contacted me. I would emphatically attempt to dissuade a citizen arrest, which is almost in all circumstances a bad idea, and encourage a solution through the court. I'm pretty confident that others would as well.
    If a person will not leave a residence willingly, and I don't have an eviction order, I need to have some pretty strong evidence that the person is present unlawfully... and the scenario offered here tells me that they are legally present even without the owner's knowledge.
    So far the owner has not even contacted them, so at this point this is all moot.
    Carl, if I post too much tonight you should write me a citation PWI. Posting While Intoxicated..... :)
    I also wonder if this is the guy. That screen name says Larry Bittle to me. There is exactly one Larry Biddle in MO according to google.

    Larry Biddle (573) XXX-XXXX XXXX Somewhere Ave,Eldon, MO 65026 Could be his father or something too so I blanked out the total contact info.
    Hey man, the longer I look at that post where the man was doing the 15 year old daughter of his girlfriend the more I think it's the daughter who is doing the posting. Look at the other post about her "friend" who is 16 turning 17, etc etc. I think she is the girl that won't testify. What do you think?
    Here it is check it out.
    Hey CDW my P.M feature is not working but the professor is looking at it. Thats why I have not been in contact. Hopefully he will get it fixed in a couple of weeks.
    Is there any way to delete my thread? Please respond ASAP. Thank you
    Could you explain Artical 28.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure a little better. If I fail to request evidence prior to pre-trial, am I able to still request evidence after?? If so, how? Thanks for any help you might be able to give. There is more info to this on the traffic thread 80 in a 60 if you need it.
    hi just need a bit of advice , I live in England , UK and I was in a car accident the other day which was my fault. No other vihicles were involved just my friends she was driving (sober) and myself and my other friend had been drinking we needed the service station to use the toilets and she wouldnt pull over jokingly so i pulled on the wheel not thinking of the conciquenses that sent the car into a skid and a roll , No one was hurt but the car is a right-off as this was on a motorway at 70mph this is a total differance of my usual character but thats no excuse so im just wondering if possible can you just help me by letting me know what is going to happen or what you think might happen many thanks Firthy88
    What should I do, just ignore it?
    This is an addition to the message i left before, im in oklahoma and found out the plea is for 30 days and fine but nothing has been made official, but the judge said thats it was because I hadnt dropped the charges not the DA so im still a little confused
    tried to hook up on craigslist. Did not post anything relating to prostitution or to children. I cop responded with an email that simply said "call for details" and it listed a phone number. What should I do? Am I in trouble? I'm in CA.
    Should I fight the citation or not due to the facts that he waited so long and so far before turning his lights on to pull me over and writing the wrong street on the ticket?
    I have a question as to whether I should fight a traffic citation or not? I was pulled over for not stopping at a flashing red light, the thing is that the officer tailgated me without his lights on 2 intersections later an over half a mile after this took place before he put on his lights to pull me over. He also wrote the wrong street on the ticket as to where he pulled me over. I am in Menomonie, WI. Is it legal also for an officer to tailgate someone even if they don't pull the person over that they tailgate? ~ahudson
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