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  • Hey GH. How are you buddy? I haven't posted much on this site yet but I'm sure I'll find something to reply to soon.
    Thanks theretoo I have been real busy and it took a while for the Professor to fix some bugs in my profile.
    i am on yahoo, the link is on my there a different way to pm through this site
    Ah ... yes, but I'm too lazy to deal with it. At home I go instant. But, most my coffee drinking is done at work ... haven't figured out how to wire the machine into the laptop, yet. :)

    I have been busy anyway ... and I've seen you on the edit button thread with the issue of edit buttons (d'oh!) so I figured something is up - or was.
    HA HA HAH!!!! I think there is more to it than that though some kind of physiological hang up. Like you said a healthy marriage sex is seldom an issue.
    If its the cheating man he usually wants to avoid support and just walk away from child. If its the cheating female she wants to deny access to former lover to child. Its wrong and sick. Its on nearly every legal forum I see Family law questions and its always the same. No concern for child or marriage itself. If they nned sex that bad I am sure their spouse will be happy to partake I know mine does!
    Oh ok. Well I read over and over how these cheating spouses whine about the fruits of their misdeeds. Not caring about the child or other parent. Its selfish and makes me sick
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