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  • By the way, I laughed my ass off about the sentencing to a million years in a cave with a sarcastic dolphin comment!
    Understand I don't mind. I actually backed off her a bit. I just thought it was funny to see you being nice to her. :)
    A warrant can happen within hours.

    I'm sorry, but, I think you're probably a simple minded idiot, and you should get an attorney as soon as possible, because you can't think for yourself. You probably have a hard time breathing and walking at the same time, so stupid you are.

    SEE! Now that is the Rask I have come to know and love. A good smack to the chops. What's wrong, this one isn't a lesbian?
    Rask, I'm curious why you picked this Sunfrog to be friendly to? You tear people up here. Now you have an lesbian, drug user, who was CONVICTED of vehicular manslaughter, who is obviously telling a stilted story (because if what she is saying was true she wouldn't have done 4 years), she is combative, doesn't accept responsibility, and wants a bar to pay her damages when even she says that the bar only served her 1 and a half beers. I don't mind if you want to be nice to her, I just find our role reversal odd. What's up?
    Something is weird about that "Sentencing Advice" thread. I can't put my finger on it. This guy used a gun, robbed them, and there is a witness. The only time the character of the "victim" is even possibly an issue is when it is possible to claim the sex was consensual. That isn't possible here.
    Even if she is 16, if the 21 year old violates the No Contact instruction on the criminal trespass ticket he could be charged with Agg Stalking or Contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I doubt 15 vs 16 makes any difference. Ironically she has the power to consent to sex at 16 but the father can still stop all contact!
    Don't get me wrong, I thought it was brilliant. I hope he is stupid enough to answer you. If he does ask him more, like where he is..... I'll pass it on even if you don't want to.
    You know if the "she won't testify" rapist answers your question we should find his jurisdiction and turn him in. It would be an admission of guilt. LOL
    Oh. I hadn't even noticed anyone in particular disagreeing. It's OK though. At least in this case I think it ultimately lead to the right answer, which is what the OP needed.
    I haven't seen them ... I'll have to take a gander.

    I've been fighting a fever and have been at work all day, so not much attention to forums.
    Parole issue
    I am dealing with the texas criminal justice system which includes the board of pardons and paroles. I think I left an e out of Coleman so make that the Colman Law. When I asked my PO for a copy of it, she couldn't show it to me nor could anyone else in the parole office. I tried looking it up but my inexperience didn't get me far.
    Hello raskalnikov, thanks for the help i responded to your post, much appreciated if you let me know what you think
    Where are you from? I live in the Lansing/East Lansing area. I have some familiarity with certain areas of Michigan.
    Nope. They can keep you in the dark until the moment they arrest you. Why give someone the chance to flee?

    While we CAN notify the person of a warrant, there is no requirement that we do so.

    - carl
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