1. K

    Paid for surgery, changed my mind, was told funds can be used in future, worried they won’t honor it

    My wife had already paid for an elective surgery. She has decided she does not want to go through with it at this time. Since she changed her mind too close to the procedure they will only refund half minus the deposit. She was told over email by the receptionist that she can use the amount...
  2. S

    Cancel policy

    Liberty Mutual will not let me cancel my car insurance unless I sell the car, prove it is not registered or donate it. I just want to change insurance companies.
  3. A

    I'm legally 18 and I need to know that if I can switch schools without parental consent.

    I have never felt safe in my school due to the past events that have occurred there along with me being bullied for years on end in that school district. My mother doesn't want me to due to it being a "good" school but it has been effecting my work ethic and my participation and willingness to...
  4. M

    Security Deposit Forwarding Address vs Address for Notice

    I rented a house in Oakland County, MI for the last two years. I had a pet and paid the required pet deposit plus security deposit up front. Part of my original lease had a section title "Address for Notice" where I was required to provide "the contact information (and address) of the tenant...
  5. J

    When does my landlord need to upload my unit to rerent?

    So, I broke my lease early. There were bedbugs, and going by the reviews I think the apartment next to me just wasn't treated well enough. My landlady treated them, but wouldn't budge on when or how often when I provided details about my surgery that would make my cooperation impossible. I asked...
  6. Rebecca 8675309

    I need my license

    Yeah my driver's license is suspended due to an accident that my ex-husband was in in my vehicle and he rear-ended a lady he was drunk. I got up that day he was sleeping in my driveway in the driver's seat of my truck and there was fluid all over my driveway so I've called the police as I wanted...
  7. J

    black balling

    My previous employer is preventing me from getting into another job. I resigned but instead they hve me down as terminated. Also has me down as accidents on my driver iq check. I was not in any accident let alone accidents as they are claiming. I have talked to safety about this and they stated...
  8. M

    Lent money is not returned

    Hello, I’m not sure if this case belongs here, but it’s an old classic tale of lending money to someone and they completely ghost you. I have lent 5k to a acquaintance and they promised to me pay me as soon as possible and I gave them atleast 6 months before even asking for the repay. The first...
  9. H

    Other Criminal Charges & Offenses Mom pulled a gun on me and then this happened

    My mom and I was arguing...she walked out the room and grabbed a handgun and pointed it at me. I freaked out out and tried grabbing it and it hit her face. I have cameras up that record audio which provided the account. I held her on the floor and she admitted to pulling the gun so that I would...
  10. Flavius


    Have pending meeting with probation officer for under paying monthly restitution payments (25-$50) instead of court ordered 500 per mo (reduced from 600 per mo). Court determined monthy resti payments based on lie from govt that I received 2500 per mo V.A. disability, and 1000 per mo SSS...
  11. E

    Multiple LLCs creates bankruptcy confusion

    We entered a contract with a builder and gave him $40K which he said he used to purchase building supplies. He hasn't yet done any work beyond that and we do not have possession of the materials; haven't even seen them to even know if he did what he said. The contract and recipient of the monies...
  12. S

    Transfers Between Remaindermen

    If three siblings inherit a home from a life estate deed as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, can one of those siblings transfer their share to another with a quit claim deed or such, leaving ownership at 2/3 for that sibling and 1/3 for the remaining sibling?
  13. C

    Authority of a Trustee as joint bank account holder.

    In brief: I am Power of Attorney and named on two joint bank accounts of an elderly lady with dementia. Does my status as joint account holder take precedence over the provisions of her Trust, once she dies, so that I can send some money to her relatives whom I believe were overlooked when she...
  14. S

    File contempt of court?

    My divorce was final on 05/31/2018. In the divorce we opted out of FOC. I would like to file a contempt of court for parenting time, no communication, and medical bills. I would also like to ask the judge to opt back into FOC. I have made and efile account. What form to I have to fill out and...
  15. D

    Medical Bills Was Sued, Plaintiff Didn't Show. What's Next?

    As the title states, I was sued by a local hospital. A virtual hearing was scheduled, where the Plaintiff was to call me to initiate a group phone call, with the judge. That call never came. Concerned, I contacted the court. Of course, they were at a loss and could not provide any answers...