1. L

    discrimination policy on college campuses and title ix

    My college was sued due to their nondiscrimination policy violating students' freedom of speech. They were served with an injunction by the supreme court, they lost the case, and the discrimination policy was rectified. During this time, I was a respondent in a title ix case at my university...
  2. M

    Religious Discrimination and Defamation

    I was committed to a state hospital for a competency evaluation, though in the process I was discriminated against on account of my religious beliefs and given an improper diagnosis. While at the hospital I spoke to the doctors about my special religious belief that I believe I am a prophet and...
  3. C

    Discrimination and abuse of power

    I filed a charge of discrimination based on race with the EEOC when my employer refused to pay me equally compared to my counterparts. I’m a minority and one of the most experienced in our work group but the lowest paid. I work for a law enforcement agency. I found out last week that my raise...
  4. A

    Why is my ADA discrimination case being rejected by employment law firms?

    Wednesday, January 4, 2023 Due to a sudden surge of complaints about my work and timesheet entries only AFTER two new hires in managerial and supervisory positions came on board. Each would constantly discourage me and refuse to encourage me when I reported an increase in productivity, it was...
  5. J

    Age discrimination

    I filed a case in Federal Court for age discrimination. I came across a newsletter online sent by the CEO of the company that I am sueing. He has this picture of all the recent new hires. Including the position I was fired from. He states at the end of the newsletter “We are excited to have such...
  6. W

    Pay rise - but only to one sector of the workforce?

    Hello there, I have a question about an issue which has just arisen at a social care Foundation where I work in the UK. Forgive me if I go into detail, but I want to be as clear as possible about the nature of the problem. The Foundation covers two distinct Directorates. Directorate A is a...
  7. T

    Gender Discrimination and Gender Biases

    I work for the government that is not covered under title 5. I work for the TSA in PHX and the female officers have been discriminated against with a work bid due to start at the the end of Oct. 2022. Looking for help and guidance the union has done little or none thing to help the female officers.
  8. C


    Was terminated for violating policy conduct without explanation or evidence. I have actual evidence where office manager has in fact violated policy conduct rules. If she is still employed wouldn't this be considered discrimination?
  9. egrizzly

    What Category of Wrongdoing Is This?

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Texas At the workplace we recently got a new technology manager. His patterns are somewhat odd. What he does is that in a team where there are two employees of the same rank/role he lays out more projects for one employee than he...
  10. D

    Harassment and/or Discrimination

    I have been employed as nurse by the same organization for 26 years next month. I have 2 degrees, BSN and MBA in addition to national certification in my area of specialty. In December 2019 I sustained an injury to my left knee at the hands of my crazy Labradors. They truly meant no harm. The...
  11. E

    HOA Targeting and Discrimination

    We live in a small 213 Home Community with a HOA and a new 2021 Management Company who Inspects Properties for Compliance with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The 1st Property Inspection was done in May 2021 and we received a violation email and letter concerning 2 shrubs on...
  12. T

    Section8 metro Housing in Boston accuse me discrimination because I do not make repairs

    I received an application from one potential tenant and filled out "Request for Tenancy Approval" form from section8, but they are not lease or contract. Inside this form, it mentions "If you are unable to make the required repairs, please contact the Senior Inspections Coordinator as soon as...
  13. C


    Hello, My employer has an office in the state of Pennsylvania to where I report but company's main office is located in New Jersey. I have a situation at work where my supervisor either yells or raises his voice to me. He sometimes does this in front of others. The first time it happened, he...
  14. E

    Gender Discrimination against men

    My husband has been with a prominent pilot training company for almost three years. He's been repeatedly passed up for any promotions or even just recognition of merit. He has noticed that he gets treated differently because he's a man in an office of mostly women. The other women constantly...
  15. K

    Hostile work place and discrimination

    So not sure what to do but here is my Situation if anyone can help. I walked into my Supervisors office and he and another supervisor where talking horribly about black people. Using the N word to other employees. I was so stunned about what they where saying then the convo went to mixed race...
  16. G

    Received letter determination/right to sue

    hello About 18 months ago, I left my job due to a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment (a few slurs were uttered to me in a department heads meeting was the main part but there was more). I hired a lawyer originally for a demand letter that the company declined so my lawyer steered...
  17. M

    Blatant Customer Racial Discrimination

    I am a woman of color. I was at Miami airport yesterday. Went to a bar/restaurant. Sat down at the bar counter to get a mimosa before my connecting flight. I sat at that counter and waited. The server/bartender completely ignored me, serving and interacting with every customer around me. She...
  18. C

    Discrimination under Title II ADA ?

    If I want to sue a college for blatant refusal of reasonable accommodations which caused me to fail the program/getting my degree, what do I need to do first? Should I file a complaint through OCR or should I find a lawyer to do this? I know you need to get a "right to sue" letter, but the...
  19. I

    Relogious Discrimination In Work Place

    Hello I'm from Chicago. I started working for UPS Inc in August 2018 as a package handler. All the trouble began when I signed an intent form to try to become a truck driver for them. First they witheld my paycheck for 3 weeks. Then the discrimination started. UPS lead me to believe that shaving...
  20. S

    Discrimination Against My Name from Apple ??

    I'm not sure if I'm entering this in the correct area of the website, or if this would actually be considered "Discrimination" in a legal term. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask and if it is, then maybe pursue after it. I've had an account with Apple Support Communities on Apple.com...