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Every year we have to produce a large document called the Plan Of Work, so I have lots of stuff with POW written on it. Some days the acronym feels appropriate.
And let's not even discuss what happens when discussing Short Term Disability benefits.
And let's not even discuss what happens when discussing Short Term Disability benefits.

Oh, yeah, that one's a favorite of mine. I once e-mailed the controller to ask her to set up a new general ledger account for "std & life benefits" and she came and asked me if I'd made a typo in the e-mail, because all she could think of was the other meaning, and she couldn't figure out why I'd need a GL account for that!

In banking we having something called the Community Reinvestment Act, commonly abbreviated as CRA. Whenever I see something in writing that references our CRA Program, my brain automatically runs those four capital letters together and comes up with a whole new name for it. :)
70 degrees tomorrow & Tues. in St. Louis area & then some light snow on Wed. It better only be light!
OMG, getting so irritated with our bank. There is this woman at the branch that's right up the street. (In addition to the business, both the owner and I have our personal accounts with this bank as well). Well, this woman that works at the branch was just hell bound and determined to do a work place banking thing at our work place. We only have 13 employees and I knew no one wanted to do it and it would be a waste of time. I tried to give her the gentle brush off several times-so she did an end around me and started talking to the owner every time he comes in the branch for anything, until he finally agrees and makes me set up the session. So she comes out with donuts and freebies. I set her up in the conference room, and I did a decent job of publicizing that she was there and that anyone was free (though not required) to talk to her if they liked. Not one person came down to meet with her. I thought it was finally over. It's now about six months later-and incredibly, she is badgering the owner every time he walks in and wants to come AGAIN (and we have zero turnover in this place-there's no one here who wasn't here the last time, which we've told her). She just will NOT take no for an answer-and I'm about ready to call my Business Banker and complain. The woman is very nice, if pushy, so I hate to get her in trouble, but this is ridiculous.
Ditto here, although not as pushy as yours. At least ours does bring goodies by every few months.
The owner (or someone) needs to tell her to stop asking - this is not something the bank wants to do. However, free donuts sounds nice. :)
I called in wages for a disability claim. The lady then said "is that 211113?" Exuse me? "Is that 211113?" Um, I'm sorry but I really don't understand what you're asking me.
She was trying to say, "is that up to(2) November 1st, 2013.
LOL, that's funny.................
Per court house news - Man Claims Google's AutoComplete Cost Him His Job.

Jeffry Kantor says he was searching for information about building a radio-controlled airplane for his son's birthday and the search engine's AutoComplete feature changed it to "how to build a radio-controlled bomb." Oopsie.

Kantor, who worked (past-tense) for a defense contractor at the time, says Government investigators paid him a visit shortly thereafter and he was then terminated. He has filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General, the Director of the NSA, the Secretary of Defense and the CIA Director and is demanding $60 million in damages.

If I was Mr. Kantor, I don't think I would spend any of that money just yet.

Just found this article under google about it.
It almost makes you scared to do a google search.
Ok you ready for a doozie? We have lived in the same house for over 20 years. Not a great neighborhood anymore but not bad either. Starting about a month ago we started hearing disturbances in the house behind us (facing a different street) Usually a middle aged man and woman fighting (shouting mostly) Now there appear to be a couple of 20ish males in the house too. While I caution managers at work to never play arm-chair psychologist, my analysis is that these people are stark raving crazy!

They appear to stay up 24/7, alternating fighting, singing nursery rhymes with profane verses, threatening people and shouting the same obscene phrases over and over for 30 min. at a time. They alternate going out in to the back yard (probably get away form each other) and continue the tirade-of-the-moment out there. We can at times hear them even when they're inside. We and the neighbors have all lodged complaints but the police talked to them several times but say they aren't breaking any laws.

We suspected it might be a group home, but checking city records, none is registered at that address. The older male has become more aggressive lately. He has threatened to "kill the bitch that called the police". ( Which could be any number of people, but my wife has become very paranoid since he has also shouted at her when she turns on a light or raises a blind on the back of the house.) They also go totally bonkers when they hear a police siren out on the interstate and assume they coming for them.

We've been married over 40 years and I've never seen my wife in such a state. Told her I was going to call our EAP to get us both counseling but she insists that she's not the one who needs it. I'm inclined to disagree as she is now hearing things from the house that I can't hear. No I'm not deaf, I actually have to repeat stuff on TV for her benefit. Have dealt with a variety of weird neighbors in my life but nothing like this.
I'd go ahead and meet with the EAP to get tips on how to handle volitale neighbors without setting them off. The counselor may also know of services or agencies in your area which could help. Police aren't always the best choice for something like this.
That's crazy - and also scary!

I've had some weird (and rowdy) neighbors in my time but never anyone who made threats like that. You'd think the 24-hour-a-day ruckus going on would classify as something that the police could do something about, disturbing the peace at the very least.
I'd go ahead and meet with the EAP to get tips on how to handle volitale neighbors without setting them off. The counselor may also know of services or agencies in your area which could help. Police aren't always the best choice for something like this.

I didn't really think about that part. That makes a lot of sense, especially in light of the fact that the guy has already made threats regarding whoever called the police, and the fact that the police have already said there's nothing they can do.

I remember calling the cops on a neighbor of mine and asking them if I could remain anonymous because I wasn't quite sure what he might do. The police dispatcher said okay, but then when the police contacted him, although they didn't say my name, they told him that his upstairs neighbor (of which I was the only one) had called them! Luckily, he didn't say anything to me, although my favorite jeans and shirt disappeared out of the dryer in the laundry room shortly after that and I think I saw his girlfriend wearing them so maybe that was his "revenge". :)
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