Mental Health Thread #10-Fall is Coming

Um, I think I'll stay away from organizing events that require my employees to be locked up, even handcuffed, against their will, thanks.

Yeah, I wouldn't like to be an employee & have to participate.

LOL at Elle though I know she was serious. :)
Me neither. You can't force those things. I have one person right now who is in grave danger if he doesn't stop messing things up that I have to fix.
One employee just went whining to the owner about how hard it is to schedule her bills. So because one woman can't balance a checkbook, it's been decided that I'll switch the entire company from biweekly payroll to semi-monthly starting the 1st of the year (and we are on a fiscal year. No, that doesn't make it easier).
It's a small company, so everybody is in everybody else's business...boss thinks of this girl like a daughter. But seriously...we have salesmen paid on a biweekly draw/quarterly commission check arrangement, so this will change how I do all that and calculate their withholding...ARGH.
Oh and get I make the announcement through email and tell everyone that because of the transistion there will be no paycheck from Dec. 24th till Jan. 15th. Guess who is now b******* about being "shorted a week" and why can't I just add "the extra week" (she's salaried, not hourly) to the Dec. 24th check? Um, no...I'm not paying a week in advance of you earning it, and doing all the math twice because you didn't bother consulting me.
I hated semi-monthly pays. I much prefer bi-weekly. It is so much easier to budget so I am betting little miss lives beyond her means isn't going to find semi-monthly to her liking either. Like the first time there are 3 weekends between paychecks. I have been told to find a way to make it work so they don't "miss a week." FAN-TAS-TIC.

My first impulse was to suggest looking for another job but after thinking about that for about half a minute I realized that, no matter where you work "it's always something." So "never mind."

(Both quotes from the late, great, Gilda Radner.)
I thought I had something for you. You guys remember when I was changing jobs every twenty minutes - one of those jobs had JUST converted from bi-weekly to semi-monthly literally the payroll before I started. They were not happy when I pointed out that semi-monthly is not legal in MA.

Unfortunately, it's legal in your state.
I don't get why some people dislike semi-monthly pay. When I first started here we were paid monthly on the last working day with a dinky little "draw" at mid-month. I was thrilled when we switched to semi-monthly and I could split my bills up between the mid-month and month-end payrolls. I still pay my bills that way to this day, even though I'm now in a position where I could just pay them as they come in. 30+ years of habits die hard!
When I worked, I liked getting paid semi-monthly. However, some payroll people may not like it.
That is what it seemed from the info posted here though I did like being paid that way.
If you are hired for a temp assignment(2 days) that could turn into an 8 week assignment if you do well, and you are not sure if blue jeans are allowed. Seems like you wouldn't take chances.
Who all is having above average temperatures for December? We have - hit a record high of 73 on Sat. here in St. Louis area. It's a little cooler today but still above average. No snow yet! (good!)