Mental Health Thread #10-Fall is Coming

Hey Betty............good luck with your team tonight!!! team is already on the golf course for the playoff season:(
Betty good luck with your Cardinals tonight! My team is already on the golf course for the rest of the baseball season :(
Thank you Gstone. Sorry about your team. :( Go Cards! :)
I will be going to beautiful Busch Stadium today & tomorrow to see the Cards/Cubs play - 1st two games in St. Louis. Go Cards!! :)
Now that we're back on the subject of winter, here in Phoenix we love our winters and, apparently, so does everybody else in the US and Canada because they all come here during the winter. We call them Snowbirds.
They don't all go there. Florida and the Bahamas get their fair share.
I had relatives from Canada visit us in TX last December expecting warm weather.
We had a few days in the teens.
I find this hilarious. These "escape room" places have come to my city. If you aren't familiar-you and a group of friends go to a place where you are given a scenario, such as you've been kidnapped, you are a spy, etc. and you are locked in a room. You escape the room by solving clues in the room within a specified time limit, like an hour. Sometimes they even handcuff you or other similar things.

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What's cracking me up is that I keep seeing these places marketing to businesses as excellent team building exercises. Um, I think I'll stay away from organizing events that require my employees to be locked up, even handcuffed, against their will, thanks.